Milk Makeup Tattoo Heart Stamp

I was so happy when this finally came ! I know its just simple stamp but after trying the awful ones off of Amazon and the Starlit Studio one, I really wanted to see how well this compared.  So for this review I’ll go ahead put the links to my other  two reviews here: Beotua […]

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Birds of Paradise look !

So this week I’ve been playing around with the Makeup Revolution :Forever Flawless Bird of Paradise palette . This is my first Makeup Revolution palette and has 18 shadows . 3 of the shadows are  jelly eyeshadows , they have like a squish to them and 2 pressed glitters, along with nice selection of colorful […]

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Christmas Gingerbread Cookies !

So I thought I would post some pictures of my Gingerbread cookies and my special hieroglyphic cookie rolling pin. So you can actually find this same rolling pin on etsy , the person who makes this is from Poland and the quality is great . To get the designs to bake though you will need […]

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