Birds of Paradise look !

So this week I’ve been playing around with the Makeup Revolution :Forever Flawless Bird of Paradise palette . This is my first Makeup Revolution palette and has 18 shadows . 3 of the shadows are  jelly eyeshadows , they have like a squish to them and 2 pressed glitters, along with nice selection of colorful mattes . I have yet to try every single shadow so I’m putting off the review till I’ve used every color , but I thought I would share a look that I did today.

This was probably the best lighting I could get with sun and my camera.
Other eye in inside lighting



For my look today I used Nyx white base , and afterwards I used my UD pigment brush and patted on the bright pink shade Vaycay , afterwards I used a fluffy brush to blend it out . I wanted a darker color near my V area so i tried using Tail Feather( the Magenta) but it wasn’t quite dark enough so I added Adventure(the dark purple) its still not super dark but it did the job. I then loaded up a finger brush with the squishy orange (Exotic) . It bunched up a bit , I wonder if it doesn’t work well over the Nyx Base. So instead I patted on Toucan Play( matte light orange) then I used my finger to pat on Exotic. This worked a lot better than the brush. Afterwards I patted on the gold Jelly shimmer , Fiesta on the inner corner of my eye. I was feeling adventurous so I’m like lets throw on pressed Glitter too and added Love Birds to the purple V of my eye look.  Now I was a little apprehensive with the pressed glitters since depending on the size , can be dangerous . But I felt like these are safe-ish to use and my eyes were already kind if sticky from the primer . I didn’t notice any fallout with Love Birds.  And because my brow was looking kind of naked ,Cockatoo was brushed on.

Recently redyed my hair , so everything is super bright !

Well I was pretty happy with how this look came together . I’m still learning how to use the squishy shadows , they’re a bit strange to me . But the gold is probably one of the nicest gold shades in my collection , even rivaling an Urban Decay gold that I own . The squishy orange color is a bit more finicky though . I’ll try it next with a glitter glue .

Inside lighting.

Overall I really like this palette , but have been so busy that I haven’t really had the time to take pictures . I’ve played with pretty much all the greens , pinks, purples, and both blue shades. Yesterday I felt a bit experimental and did a green and orange look partially inspired by one of the Jem and the Holograms characters. I didn’t feel like it came out exactly as I hoped , so no pictures of that look . But I learned that the light green and the turqouise color look great blended together . And it even slightly stained my eyes . So its pretty pigmented , maybe not Juvia’s Place pigmented but still buildable and bright.  Well I should have more pics up later this week or next week , plus a full review . Thanks for reading and let me know what you think of jelly shadows and your favorite shadow textures are.



6 thoughts on “Birds of Paradise look !

    1. Oh thanks ☺️The jelly shadows are pretty shimmery . I think the gold especially is one of my favorite golds in my shadow collection . Hot Tropic is also pretty cool to use , its more silvery . I’ll have to post a look with that one as well.

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  1. This palette looks so lovely and i love the color scheme too..i have couple of makeup Revolution palettes and i believe they are generally worth the money.
    I am yet to try jelly eyeshadows..lately i have started using liquid and somehow comfortable with it…
    I want to try foil, loose pigments etc…
    And the eyemakeup looking so lovely…going with your hair color

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