Garnier Whole Blends Strengthening Shampoo Ginger Recovery


So with this whole virus thing going on , I haven’t really been in the mood to do too much with makeup . Plus my face broke out due to some allergies . Ugh it was pretty awful . But I thought I would go ahead and review this shampoo . I’ve only used this for a week and then my Fiancé claimed it as his . Which wasn’t too bad since it didn’t work the best for me . So on to the review.

This is the Ginger Recovery shampoo and it has a bit of honey in the ingredients. Honestly to me it had sort of a sticky feel to it which I found strange for a shampoo. But the nice fresh ginger smell is very nice . It does lather a bit and I would suggest only using a small amount as this shampoo’s formula is very runny . After rinsing though I felt like my hair had a bit of a film . It wasn’t as bad as the Big Healthy Hair conditioner in my last review . But it wasn’t something I was fond of . Supposedly this shampoo is meant to repair and strengthen your hair , but I really didn’t notice any difference in my hair . My Fiancé who has finer , long virgin hair said that his hair felt great though . So I feel like this product is better for people with fine hair .

Overall I liked the smell but I could see some people thinking its a bit strong. It does linger on my Fiancé’s hair but its more like a perfume and doesn’t give me any headaches. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone that has course or thick hair , as I think it weighs it down too much , but fine hair should be alright .

I hope everyone is doing alright during this Corona Virus thing . I’ve been staying indoors and playing my backlog of games . But still to everyone that works in the public or lives in an area thats hit hard I hope you guys are safe . Stay strong friends 💪



7 thoughts on “Garnier Whole Blends Strengthening Shampoo Ginger Recovery

  1. The whole blends ginger recovery shampoo and conditioner is my favorite. But I can not find it where I live at. The last time I bought it I had to order it online it was a 26.6 oz. I ordered it from but now when I tried to find that size Walmart says it’s out of stock can someone please help.

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