EOS Super Soft Shea Lip Balm Sphere in Honey Apple


And time for another quick review . I recently picked this up at Target , since my mango one ran out . I was really looking for a marshmallow or watermelon flavor , but this one caught my eye .

So the actual texture of the this balm is super smooth , but not greasy . It does have a nice slip to it . And the smell is amazing . It reminds me of the Caramel Apple Pops candies . It really surprised me , I was expecting a light apple scent but got this nice candy scent . Its a pretty nice smell for the holiday season . And it keeps my lip soft and hydrated without making my lips feel greasy .

I will for sure buy this flavor again in the future , this may be my favorite flavor so far mext to the mango . Also I’m able to apply a lipstick or liquid lip over with out my lipstick smearing . Which is plus since I like to have my lips smooth before I use my liquid lipsticks in the winter . It helps keep them from being too dried out . So I would definitely recommend this balm.



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