Christmas Gingerbread Cookies !

So I thought I would post some pictures of my Gingerbread cookies and my special hieroglyphic cookie rolling pin.

This was a gift from a friend .
With flash
I even used the rolling pin on my unicorn cookies


So you can actually find this same rolling pin on etsy , the person who makes this is from Poland and the quality is great . To get the designs to bake though you will need a stiffer cookie dough that doesn’t spread.  I found this recipe on google and it really does work . But it does require a bit of extra work with mixing and adding ingredients step by step.

I’ll add the link for the recipe here . I think this would be a great recipe if you wanted to try out making gingerbread houses or wanted to use a rolling pin with a design . My roller came from this seller  

My advice for the rolling pin is to definitely oil before use with an olive or vegetable oil and let it set on plate till the oil has thoroughly soaked the wood . Afterwards you can do all the fun rolling . There was an enclosed recipe for butter cookies too but I prefer spicy gingerbread cookies for my Egyptian texts. Maybe next year I will try doing a gingerbread temple .  Well Happy Holidays everyone , hope you all have a great Christmas Eve .


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