Betty Dain The Fashionista Collection Mould Resistant Lined Shower Cap Review


One of the hard parts of having bright dyed hair is keeping the color from fading in the shower . I personally get cold easy and really don’t like doing the whole cold shower thing ,even though cold water is recommended for bright pinks, blues and purples . How do I combat the fade ? I use shower caps .I started with the plastic kind but they break easy and are kind of wasteful. So I finally bought a nylon one on Amazon . And its pretty big so all my hair fits under it . Now I can have a warm shower until I decide to rinse my hair . I still do a cool rinse , but now I don’t have to worry about intense fading .

IMG_2976 (2)
I feel like Toad from Mario Cart XD

The shower cap itself is made of a sturdy nylon style material on the outside and PEVA material on the inside .Plus the elastic hem fits pretty snug , so you won’t have any water leak in . Its also oversized for long hair , so you can really stuff all you hair inside. Now online it says I can machine wash it , I havenmt actually tried this out as I just handwash it and hang it up to dry . I may do that in the future though if I need to deep clean it . Also the polka dots are hilarious so thats one reason I chose this style . But if you want a more conservative serious color I believe they have solids and maybe zebra print . I honestly wasn’t too picky since its just for the shower . But I know some people are picky when it comes to colors and patterns.


And I’ve been using this cap for about a week , there was afew times I had to shampoo my roots , so that lightened my hair a bit but nothing too extreme . What I do like is my hair is an even color and doesn’t have any extreme light patches like last time before I started using this shower cap . Overall I would definitely reccomnd buying this shower cap , its great for keeping hair dry , and big enough to hold all of your hair if its long. I could definitely see this working for those with textured or curly hair as well too .


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