Nyx Professional Makeup Eyeshadow Base in White Review

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Over the the Thankgiving weekend I bought the Juvia’s Place Zulu palette, and I really wanted a nice white shadow base to make the colors really pop. At the time Nyx was having a sale so I decided to try their shadow base in white.After all their pigment primer did wonders for me and was a great replacement for Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. So lets go into how well this worked for me.

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IMG_2871 (2).JPG

So lets the packaging is pretty simple , just a small short jar with a twist off cap. Inside the eyeshadow base is creamy, slightly greasy . But when applied to the lids seems to become tacky. I found it best to apply a small amount first with either your finger or flat brush then add more if you need it. A little goes a long way.  For this week I tried both setting the base with a white shadow , using a primer first, then adding the base, and also just applying my colors straight . I really didn’t have a problem with creasing , or shadows sliding with which ever technique I used.So I feel like it comes down to what works best for you. Overall my shadows really stood out , and were extremly bright. plus I didn’t have too much problems blending out shadows either. Also I noticed the base kind of helped with certain colors not staining my lids as much. The Zulu Palette, Urban Decay Electric, and some of my Sugar Pill pinks and oranges can stain my lids a bit if I just use primer but the base seemed to alleviate the problem. Plus the longevity of my eyelooks was about the same so about 8 hours of wear.

And finally a few looks using the Nyx Eyeshadow base:

IMG_2885 (2).JPG
All Juvia’s Place The Zulu Palette colors
IMG_2904 (2).JPG
It worked well with the glittery shades as well. Also Zulu palette shadows.

I was so happy with how bright my looks came out and the colors looked great. I will have more looks up for my Zulu palette review . I’m still playing around with the colors, and practicing cut creases. But I would definitely recommend this eyeshadow base cream if you want your colors to be vibrant. Thanks for reading everyone.



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