Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip Gloss :The Future is Pink


I found this on Amazon , and it was a preoreder. which was a bit stange since I thought the  Stay Glossy lip gloss had been out for a while. So maybe this is just a new color, not quite sure.  But I liked how the color looked in the picture. When it finally arrived I was pretty excited to see how it perfomed. Aside from lip balms and normal lipsticks, it’s been a while since I’ve had a traditional lip gloss.  So lets see how it looks 🙂

IMG_3087 (2)
It like a nice  bright rose pink
IMG_3088 (2)
I liked the cute little crown  on the top.
IMG_3091 (2)
It’s definately glossy.

So its pretty much your standard glossy tube with a doe foot applicator,The packaging is pretty sturdy. The actual consistancy of the gloss is thick and coats the lips pretty well, its not as thick as say a liquid lipstick , since you can see a little bit of my lip color. This would probably be great over a matte lip crayon if you wanted a more solid look.The scent reminded me of roses, I’m not quite sure if its just for this color or if all the Stay Glossy glosses are scented. It wasn’t too overbearing, but I usually prefer vanilla or fruity scents on my glosses and lip products. The color itself is what I would call a bright rose pink. I’m not entirely sure thats the correct term but it seemed to be the closest when I checked the pantone colors. In certain lightings it looked to be a bit more red toned too. Also it has bit of a blue sparkle too, its very faint but you can see it close up.

As for the wear time , it stays put for the most part aside from eating a drink and then I noticed I had to reapply. But it is a gloss and they are usually applied quite a bit. It did leave my lips pretty moisturized too. Overall I was pretty happy with the quality and the color. This will probably be a nice on the go lipgloss and it does pair well with some of my eyelooks too.

IMG_3109 (2)
Its a bit more sheer close up, but you can see some of the sparkle.
IMG_3093 (3)
Decided to to do a bright eye today.

IMG_3097 (2)

For my eyelook I used Jilted , I wanted to get a more precise shape so I used my pigment brush that came in the UD Electric palette. I softened the edges with my fluffy brush, afterwards I added some glitter glue and applied the pink/peach duochrome from The Zulu palette and added Unicorn Tears to the corner of my eyes to brighten up the look.

Well thanks for reading everyone ! I hope to have a few more posts added this month as well as random eyelooks. My sort of project pan with UD Electric is going well, and I’m some how managing to start pans on Chocolate Bon Bons( which I have yet to do a proper review). Maybe I’ll do that sometime as well.

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