trying out naezrahlooks’ prism under eye makeup look

*This post contains affiliate links Hey everyone ! I’ve been seeing the rainbow shadows under the eyes or prism shadow looks made famous by Naezrahlooks everywhere. So I definitely wanted to try it out as I have so many rainbow palettes in my collection. View this post on Instagram A post shared by naezrah (@naezrahlooks) […]

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Beauty Blender Returns !

Above is a dramatic re-enactment of what happened to my first Bio Pure Beauty Blender. Roxas decided it was a good idea to shred it when I was gone . It was drying on my computer desk , but he felt it was a good idea to destroy it . I love him , but […]

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Neon Skies look

Now this is kind of part of the Nature is Bold series , as it was based a sunset from last month. I wasn’t able to take a picture as my phone always turns the pink clouds an orange color , but this is slightly based on that sky . Also I made a terrible […]

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Beauty Blender Vox Box Review

Hi everyone ! If you follow me on Instagram you may notice posts about Beauty Blender. I just started Influenster about a month ago , and my first Voxbox was Beauty Blender ! Pretty exciting , So I thought I would go ahead and talk about it. I may break the products into separate, more […]

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Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation

I’ll admit I’m kind of working back words with these BeautyBlender reviews.  I have the Bio Pure BeautyBlender up, as well as the Bounce concealer . But I needed to get the Bounce foundation up as well. I would love to review the whole box, that I received free from Influenster and BeautyBlender but there’s a secret […]

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Beauty Blender Bio Pure Review

Hey everyone ! I recently started Influenster and received my first Vox box, which I will go over the whole box in the future but I thought I would start out with the Beauty Blender Bio Pure makeup sponge. This was gifted to me in the Influenster/Beauty Blender Vox box, free for testing purposes . […]

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