Lilac heart look

Hey everyone ! It’s time for a Valentine’s Day look , and I didn’t want to quite go with a traditonal pink, or red look. Intead I wanted to do neutral eye with a metallic lip and cheek heart accent. I’m still testing out Wet n Wild multisticks so I used the Lavender Bliss to draw on a heart, and filled it in with some eyeshadow . Hopefully that helps it stay put . I considered using the Royal Scam ( purple ) multistick but it’s a bit too patchy looking and finicky.

64D6B824-00AF-45ED-9A37-06CF22D1A3F9Here’s the three eye palettes I used . Wahala was used for the heart . I was super tempted to use the shimmers in Mercury Retrograde, but I feared it may be too much so I instead used a shimme from Pumpkin Spice. It was more subtle.


I started out with Crash from the Huda palette , and that was my main crease shade , Momentum was also used on the brow bone.

9AB22607-1391-4029-B451-B5852E83E212 Too deepen Crash, I used Love You A Latte and later A La Mode in the V. I tried to blend these all ,but go easy as I wanted my eye makeup more subdued, later I added a bit of glitter glue and Wanna Piece of Me? on the lids. It’s pretty subtle , but it still reflects light well. Also I forgot to mark it but the white shade , Whipped Cream was also used in the brow bone blended with Momentum from the Mercury Retrograde palette.

9D8C3006-DB8A-4EEC-AB9C-F56981349ED8Woke from the Wahala palette was used over the Lavender Bliss Multistick. It did make it more lilac toned , but thats okay. I actually really like using woke for areas around my cheeks , it’s a really nice lilac shade. Now for other products used in this look:

  • Nyx jumbo liner in Milk as the base for my eyes
  • Nyx glitter glue for the shimmer shade
  • Rimmel Scandaleyes kohl black liner in the waterline
  • Nyx That’s the point liner
  • Essence Princess lash, curl mascara. I don’t like this mascara that much so I’m trying to use it up. It did kind of clump my lashes so I had to seperate them.
  • E.L.F Jellypop primer
  • Beauty Blender concealer in neutral
  • Revlon colorstay concealer in 15
  • BeautyBlender bounce foundation in Neutral
  • Wet n Wild Coloricon Multistick in Lavender Bliss for the heart, later I added the eyeshadow 
  • Fenty Beauty highlighter stick in Unicorn. It kind of smudged the heart but I just drew it back on with other mutistick. 
  • Maybelline Colorsensational powder matte in Concrete Jungle
  • Too Faced Melted Matte-Talic liquified magic metallic matte transformer over concrete jungle

Well my Too Faced melted matte transformer is on it’s last legs , and almost gone, but I do like wearing it as a statement , and I really like it over Concrete Jungle. I do think Too Faced may have discontinued the transformer, which is super sad . It’s a pretty unique lip product and really does transform any lipstick into something magical.

And here’s the eyes:

87647C34-9AC2-4DFC-86C4-584CAB480E68Not too shimmery but still fancy. Plus I really wanted to play around with both palettes and use some of the neutrals in them. I don’t wear neutrals alot , but I do try to when I’m wearing a more bold lip look.

And finally full face pics:

AF9C706E-F8C3-4718-8033-C0871AFD524CThe Fenty Highlighter smudged the heart a little , but I wanted a little bit of a highlight to go on my cheeks.

94B61D6A-E760-499D-A429-258E82D0F794I may do some more Valentine’s day looks , as I do have a ton of pinks and purples, plus it’s a great time to really did through my collection and use different palettes.

Let me know what you think and what are some of your favorite Valentine’s Day candies. I prefer sweettart hearts , but I do like the dark chocolate hearts too! 



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