Beauty Blender Bio Pure Review


Hey everyone ! I recently started Influenster and received my first Vox box, which I will go over the whole box in the future but I thought I would start out with the Beauty Blender Bio Pure makeup sponge. This was gifted to me in the Influenster/Beauty Blender Vox box, free for testing purposes .

IMG_0099 (2)

So the main difference between this beauty blender sponge and the original pink blender is this one is made with 60% plant based materials. Plus it’s latex free, so safe for those with allergies. I will admit this was honestly my first time using a sponge to apply makeup with. Or at least foundation, since I usually use synthetic brushes, but I found some helpful online videos that showed me how to use a blender.

IMG_0114 (2)

First I wet the sponge and squeezed out access water, then dipped in foundation and I was ready to go. My main surprise was how big this sponge became, when it was in the case, it was pretty small. It’s also a very soft sponge , which sadly I don’t have the original blender to compare it with, but it did feel nice against my face.

And I will admit this second time I used it , it felt lot more natural, I was able to use less concealer and even less foundation . While still getting a very nice solid coverage all over my face. I can totally see why people online like these little beauty blender’s ,they’re cute, look like a dinosaur egg and blend in makeup very well. The other interesting thing I noticed was how nicely it worked for my blushes. I was able to get a more natural look with the blender than just with the brush alone. Now I’ve heard online that you can put all your makeup on with just a Beauty Blender , but I don’t think it applies powders that well( foundation powder or setting powders). But it worked will with the foundation and buffing out my blush. I may buy one of these when this one gets too old. Although it is fairly easy to clean and goes back to like new when I wash it and let it set out to dry. Overall I really liked this blender , and will have the rest of my box’s content’s posted up soon. Let me know in the comment’s section what you think of this new Beauty Blender and if you’ve ever used these little sponges before.


15 thoughts on “Beauty Blender Bio Pure Review

  1. Congratulations on your first box that’s awesome! That sponge looks great too being so bio friendly. I have some of their original sponges and really love them. I’ve heard amazing things about that foundation too, I’m super keen to the rest of your box and hear what you think 🙂 ❤

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    1. I’ll have the rest of my reviews up soon . One product I’m still waiting for it to be released officially so I can review it here . But I was pretty excited to be chosen . I do like this sponge and it’s pretty soft .

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  2. Thanks for the review, I was curious about this release. I think its an interesting release for the brand to change the materials in such an iconic and consistently copied product.

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  3. There really isnt any beauty sponges out there that compare to the original beauty blender!! Love mine, swear by it, have had it for years! But it looks like I will be adding a new green one to my collection soon! Thank you for sharing!

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    1. It’s definitely soft and gets huge with water. I really liked it. Sadly my dog chewed up the blender. I need to order another one though. Oh I keep forgetting to edit my post but sugar cane fibers are one of the ingredients these blenders are made with.


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