Beauty Blender Vox Box Review

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Hi everyone ! If you follow me on Instagram you may notice posts about Beauty Blender. I just started Influenster about a month ago , and my first Voxbox was Beauty Blender ! Pretty exciting , So I thought I would go ahead and talk about it. I may break the products into separate, more in-depth reviews later , but for now lets go through a speed run of the makeup.


* Also I would like to state that these items were gifted to me for free from both Beauty Blender and Influenster for testing purposed in exchange for my honest review.

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And now on the the fancy box ! I’ll be honest I was pretty psyched when I received the e-mail telling me I was in . I’ve never tried Beauty Blender before, and it’s been a while since I’ve used a good liquid foundation. I’ve tried a few samples from Urban Decay (which I didn’t really like) and Originally had a big bottle of Too Faced liquid foundation a few years ago. But I usually stick to powders. So in advanced to receiving this box I tried to watch a few videos on how to properly use a Beauty Blender sponge.

First you soak it, and then you squeeze it out and dip into foundation. And bounce on your face. Or something like that. It seemed like a fun way to put on makeup to be honest. The Beauty Blender that came in my box is a special Bio Pure Beauty Blender that is 60% plant based. It’s also a bright green and looks pretty cute. Like a dinosaur egg. So I decided to use it as directed and with the Bounce Liquid Whip foundation . The sponge really does get bigger when wet, and I was able to blend in the concealer (which I put a bit too much on). The concealer is also Beauty Blender brand and came with the box. I’m using the 2.20 N/O Light Olive. So I’m still a bit new on this , but I was happy that it covered up a few red marks on my face . It’s a pretty nice non-cakey concealer. So I will probably buy this concealer again in the future as it’s as nice as the Makeup Forever Concealer sample I was using.

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And now for the Beauty Blender with Bounce foundation. This foundation I’m using is 2.20 N/O as well. I used the bottle as a mixing palette , as it has a small dip where you can dab your Beauty Blender . The pump is a little strange but it’s easy to get used to. Plus I tried to only do small pumps at first as I didn’t want to waste product. This was totally in my favor as I really didn’t need that much foundation on my Beauty blender. I was able to do the bouncing motion, and noticed I was getting a really good finish and coverage. I did notice I was pretty light , but this was do to me going overboard with the concealer. One thing I noticed was I definitely needed a blush or bronzer to add more depth to my face. Since I lack a bronzer, I used Tart’s Amazonian Clay blush in Paarty (it’s a neutral mauve shade) and Sugarpill’s Retrograde (it’s a orangey-peach blush). This really helped add some depth and color to my face, plus I was able to test out my blender with a blush. I used a brush first to pick up Paarty and Retrograde and apply them to my cheeks, and later using the clean side of the beauty blender to buff them out a bit. This work really well and I was actually pretty impressed with how well the little sponge blended out my blush.

And I finished up with the last item in the box , the soft focus gemstone setting powder , or Bounce Powder. This is a brand new item that just recently launched and is in the shade Buff. For this step I used one of full sized fluffy brushed and just lightly went over my face. I only used a bit , and it seemed to really set my makeup. I really liked the matte finish that it provided me with. According the box you can use a damp brush to pick up the product , but I used a dry product and was able to get good results.

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Overall I was really happy with the products in this box, plus I learned a bit on how to apply liquid makeup with a Beauty Blender. I really liked the Bounce Liquid Whip foundation , it’s a really nice non cakey formula that does not turn orange on me. I did notice the longer this makeup set on my face the more it kind of looked better, or at least more natural. My first try using this set I went overboard with the concealer , So I will post a second look soon. I also would like to separate all the products and talk a bit more about them later. I’m very thankful to Beauty Blender and Influenster for sending me these items to review as well. It was super fun and exciting, plus a nice way for me to learn how to use a blending sponge.

Let me know in the comments on what you think about this box and if you’ve ever tried any of the Beauty Blender products. Plus feel free to ask questions about the items I’ve review:)


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