80’s look but with 2020’s quality makeup !

How I love 1980’s style makeup . Or maybe it was makeup from 1988 , I’m not sure , but I love how bright and bold it was . Or maybe it wasn’t that bold , as now we have insanely bright and pigmented makeup available, in pretty much every finish and color . Today’s look is based on a google search for 80’s eye shadows styles. Here’s my inspiration:


and now a list of products ✨:

  • Nyx white shadow base
  • Too Faced Papaya Pop in Mai Tai Me Up ( peach shade one brow bone.)
  • Juvia’s Place Fanti( matte pink) , Gola (light blue) ,and Karama (silvery blue) 
  • Juvia’s Place Sweet Pink palette with the neon pink/peach matte layered over Fanti for extra brightness.
  • Sugarpill Capsules , Pink palette , Radiate (lime green matte) and topped with Insomniac (Acid green shimmer) from the Orange Capsule.
  • Juvia’s Place Nubian Royal palette , I used the super dark purple metallic, in my V.
  • and finally Glamlite Donut palette with the glittery Grape shade.

    Nyx Marshmallow primer
  • BeautyBlender Bounce Foundation, setting powder
  • Wet n Wild Pac -Man collection Blushlighter
  • Rimmel Stay Glossy in the future is pink , blotted
  • Too Faced Unicorn Tears lipstick


I was finally able to get a good shot of the eye. I swapped out the yellow from the inspiration picture as well as I adding the purple shimmer . I wanted the eye to be way more vibrant and in your face. But I decided to go light on blush . I definitely could’ve used the bright pink Melody blush , but I liked the Pac-man peach instead.


Also it’s been a while since I’ve used Unicorn Tears on my lips , so it seemed appropriate here .Also I really need to use those acid greens more often , they really make a look. Also I used my Anastasia Beverly Hills sample mascara wand on the horrible Maybelline spider mascara and it kind of worked. No 🕷 lashes here . I do need to show you guys how bad that is , my Maybelline review doesn’t have the extreme spidery-ness that, that wand gives . I was honestly too ashamed to post pics with those lashes lol . Well that’s all for now let me know what you guy’s think . I’ll probably be doing some more bright multi-colored looks this week . I’m redying my hair , so I’ll be neon pink soon .



14 thoughts on “80’s look but with 2020’s quality makeup !

  1. Wow that came out perfect! I can never get colors to stand apart from each other like that on my eyes. Everything sort of blends together, lol. I like your 80’s look better than the example one!

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