Beauty Blender Returns !

DFFADF39-8241-43EF-9910-BBF3CC68B3EAAbove is a dramatic re-enactment of what happened to my first Bio Pure Beauty Blender. Roxas decided it was a good idea to shred it when I was gone . It was drying on my computer desk , but he felt it was a good idea to destroy it . I love him , but he really likes to get into things .It’s  one of the downsides to living with an intelligent, easily bored dog . The good news is he didn’t eat any of the chunks of the sponge , which might not be too good for him . And most of the it was just in pieces. But I panicked and ordered some other brand on amazon . I honestly didn’t think there would be that much of a difference from the Bio Pure blender , but sadly I was wrong . The Beauty Bakerie one’s were just too stiff . And you can check out that review here.   

So I decided to go ahead and order another Bio Pure BeautyBlender from the brand website. And here it is !



It even came with some liquid cleanser too . It does clean the blender well , but it smells strongly of lavender oil . So keep that in mind if you want to try it out . So yeah I enjoyed  the first blender so much and how well it blended out my foundation and blush, that I had to order another one. I did hear about the Miss A paw paw sponges , as someone recommended those to me as well , so in the future I’ll try them out as well . Plus I read somewhere that Eco Tools made a blender that you could bury in your garden as compost . So both of those may also be in future posts . But for now I really liked this one , and there was something on the website about being able to recycle the bio pure blender . I’ll let you all know when there’s more info . Well let me know what you think about your favorite blenders, or what items that you just had to replace . 



11 thoughts on “Beauty Blender Returns !

    1. Haha thanks. It’s really tiny , I believe my fiancé’s little sister gave me this little toy when Roxas was a puppy . So he used to carry it around sometimes lol I definitely recommend this blender if you like super soft blenders, it’s super soft and squishy.

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      1. Yeah most of Roxas’s toys were shredded lol but I do still have artifacts from puppyhood lol . I need to buy him a few more toys since the ones he currently has are looking a bit rough and I can only hand stitch so much 😂

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