Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation

IMG_0111 (2)I’ll admit I’m kind of working back words with these BeautyBlender reviews.  I have the Bio Pure BeautyBlender up, as well as the Bounce concealer . But I needed to get the Bounce foundation up as well. I would love to review the whole box, that I received free from Influenster and BeautyBlender but there’s a secret mystery product that has yet to release yet. So until then let’s check out the Bounce Liquid Whip foundation!

So the shade they sent me is  2.20 Neutral olive . This kind of a close match, as I got a bit lighter from staying indoors all the time due the social distancing ect. I did notice that the more this foundation set on my face , the better it looked . I did use a primer (Milk Hydro Grip) and a setting powder. Oh and blushes! I totally needed the blush to add dimension. The formula itself is lightweight, doesn’t really oxidize and turn orange, and seems to wear well on my face. I don’t usually use liquid foundations often, mainly just for pictures or when I want to look extra fancy. But I did realize since I received this kit that I needed more practice applying liquid foundation.

IMG_0114 (2)I did use the BeautyBlender when using the foundation, and I kind of liked the little built in palette on the back of the Bounce foundation bottle. the first time I applied this I used waay too much but once I got used to the technique of bouncing and only using a small two pumps of product, my makeup looked a lot more natural.

101_0948 (2)My first attempt with too much product.

101_0998 (2)And my second time (also the final pic from the concealer review 🙂

101_1004 (2)I think I needed more blending so I used my blender again!

And finally:
101_1009 (2)Ta dah! I even used some highlighter too (which I’m now addicted to)

Overall I’m pretty happy with the products, and this foundation does work for me. I’m still learning a bit on doing full face looks. I really liked how it wore and covered my face without looking cakey or weird. I felt really lucky to have had the opportunity to try out these products complimentary from Influenster and BeautyBlender and also to review them. My doggy did chew up my blender which made me ultra sad, and I’m waiting on a new primer to be shipped . I do think if I get more sun this summer I may order a shade up to mix with this to be a better color match . So let me know in the comments section if you’ve tried this foundation before or if you have any questions. Have a good week everyone 🦄✨



10 thoughts on “Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation

    1. They really do lol I do really like the foundation , it’s a really works for me , since I have slight oily skin issues. Plus I like the weird square bottle too ! I’ll have to do a video and send it to you on IG.

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