Beauty Blender Bounce Airbrush Liquid Whip Concealer in Review

IMG_0230 (2)More Beauty Blender goodness ! This was also included in my Influenster x BeautyBlender Vox box that I received complimentary for reviewing purposes.

The shade I chose was 2.20 light olive , I know it’s meant to be a little light to brighten the eyes , but I also wanted to use it to cover up some blemishes and some spots . 


The concealer comes in a nice sturdy tube with a doe foot . It’s pretty soft and was easy to apply . The concealer itself is very light weight, non cakey and not oily . I used my beautyblender to tap on the spots to kind of blend it into my skin . Afterwards I follow up with my Bounce foundation . I really liked how nice it covered up redness and stubborn acne spots .
I did try this underneath my regular powder and it seemed to work super well . It wasn’t overly drying or oil and blended well with my powder foundation . It was similar to the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Concealer sample I used in Dark Sand . Although maybe Dark Sand was a better match for my skin . Well not too sure on that but the consistency was there .

5421A66A-C497-45DD-B1F6-1C50BE8769C4Overall this is a good quality concealer , is pretty good with hiding imperfections and brighting up underneath the eyes . I did use too much the first time , so a little goes a long ways . 

Well that’s all for today . I have rest of the box to still review . Plus the after pics with all the products applied . Sadly my dog decided it was a good idea to seek and destroy my BeautyBlender. So I have some new blenders on the way . Let me know what you think about this concealer and if you have any questions.


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