Lime crime unicorn hair dye in bubblegum rose review

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3D7BFDA9-ED67-4431-BE27-EBFA2F528ED9 Hey everyone ! I meant to actually post this review for Bubblegum Rose right after my Lime Crime green dye , but I got busy. So here it is. I’m using some of the same pictures as the Lime Crime green review since I used both dyes at the same time. So let’s check out the packaging and color!


61C9F006-0D42-4143-967B-1FEBAB6509C1Now I wanted to try Bubblegum Rose since in most of the pictures it’s a very coral based neon pink , kind of like Arctic Fox Electric Paradise . I was hoping the staying power would be better than Electric Paradise as it faded out of my hair pretty quickly.On the package the pink looks very similar to Sour Candy pink. You can check out that review here :Limecrime Unicorn Hair dye in Sour candy REVIEW.


359088F1-A894-4431-9E8C-7C3F9494B948 And for what seems to be normal for Lime Crime dyes their packages are a bit off. So I reccomend looking at pictures of the dye online or on thier site to get a true color match.

Because here is the color in the jar.


It’s got a nice coral tone to it and is really bright! This actually what I was looking for too! It’s like Electric Paradise amp’d up! But I can see this scaring people if you wanted a more cool toned pink or one with less warmth. For those pink shades I would reccomend One n Only Pastel Bubblegum ( I need to do a review of that sometime) and  Arctic Fox Virgin Pink Hair Dye Review. Also Punky Flamingo Pink is also a good cooler toned pink. Oh and my favorite Iroiro Neon Pink Hair Dye Review .

Iroiro is a great pick for those that want a Neon UV reactive dye thats a little less warm than Bubblegum Rose.

Also here it is in my mixing bowl.

C8CA6E40-1929-43EC-BAB0-6B1009BD7B3EIt’s almost like a neon red here. Also just a note this dye is super perfumey. This will either be liked well or disliked . It’s pretty strong. Like burnt vanilla notes with something else.

And for reference here’s my base. Now I had been nursing my hair due to a bad bleach issue . So my hair is bit extra dry and kind of choppy in spots.

A10E91F3-BAAE-4E89-9B3B-EFB34C2A98C8 I experimented by putting a tiny bit of Bubblegum Rose over the faded Arctic Fox Virgin Pink and Electric Paradise.

And now for the whole head:

Well this made me super happy as it is very similar to Electric Paradise ! Just a bit more intense

F020EFE2-AE50-4516-AF3E-77B57AB89EE7Here’s the time I did Electric paradise and Space Cowgirl for reference .

And now let’s check it out rinsed out the next day. Also my day was kept on my head for about 6-7 hours. Yes I can get away with that due to it being a veggie based dye.A19C3C3C-02BB-4077-88D9-11BB04DAFC6AAnd here it is ! it’s super bright and definitly a more warm based pink.

Here’s a side by side comparison of Electric Paradise and Bubblegum Rose:


Even though Bubblegum Rose is super bright , it does fade to a similar shade to Electric Paradise.

3E2154F9-A07B-42E3-ACFA-690E80340B1EMy fringe started getting lighter and now compare it to a more recent picture before I refreshed it .

FAD39D26-F7D5-4564-94C9-2A85085E6CDC Yup I would definitely rate this a bit higher. The fade time is a lot longer than Electric Paradise, and you can buy a jar of this and dilute it with conditoner if you wanted a color closer to the Arctic Fox shade. Also I keep my hair covered in the shower and wash in cold water to preserve colors. Plus I sometimes skip the shampoo and only condition. I did this with my other shades as well. 

Overall I really liked this color and the how long it stays in my hair . I just recently refreshed it with a few drops of the dye in my conditioner , and it’s still very bright. I think I may keep this shade and possibly swap out the green for a bright purple.  Well let me know in the comment’s what you think and if you’ve dyed your hair using bright dyes.



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    1. Thanks ! Yes my hair is pretty light platinum so anything I put over it will be a bit brighter than usual lol Also I used to really like Punky Flamingo pink for a nice fuchsia based pink . It faded very nicely .


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