Arctic Fox Virgin Pink Hair Dye Review

Hi everyone ! Time for a quick hair dye review . This week I decided to try out Arctic Fox Virgin Pink on my faded Iroiro Neon Pink hair. My hair was a very faded peach pink blonde , and I have quite a bit of dark roots. But I decided that it might be fun to try out this cool toned pink on my hair.


So for this experiment , I used a quarter sized blob of the Virgin Pink dye and ton of conditioner. I think I used more conditioner than dye but I may have had to add a dot more of the pink . When I was done I mixed it all in my bowl . Sorry for lack of pictures but it was spontaneous and was done after dying someone else’s hair . I then applied with a tint brush and let the dye/conditioner sit on my hair for almost 4 hours .

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7E918BC0-1F29-4DC9-B29D-C37E6A5913DCWith Flash 


And finally the rinse out look ! Well it’s actually the blow dried and curled look but it was the day after I rinsed it. And it’s bright , maybe not as vibrant as my neon pink . But still a very bright cotton candy pink. You can still see some warmer streaks of my faded neon pink near my head , but it definitely toned my hair. I would say the Arctic Fox dye is pretty pigmented even with being diluted with conditioner. I still plan on bleaching my roots later this week or the next , but for now I’ll keep the cotton candy look before I go back to my Neon Pink .

I’ll give updates on how it stays in my hair , but I’ve tried 2 other Arctic Fox dyes and have had good results . The staying power isn’t as good as say Punky’s or the insanely pigmented Pastel Aqua from One n Only ( I still need to post pics and review that as well) but it’s definitely a good option for bright and vibrant colors .Plus adding conditioner makes some really nice pastel or lighter versions. The other two color’s I’ve used were Aquamarine and Purple Rain (pink based purple) . They all have a really nice candy scent to them and condition your hair .

Let me know in comments section what you think and if you’ve tried Arctic Fox dye before . Also would like to see reviews of past colors I’ve done ? Also bonus eye look too . I have a few new palettes that I received for my birthday and I hope to have reviews of those soon ✨🦄.



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15 thoughts on “Arctic Fox Virgin Pink Hair Dye Review

  1. Pink looks amazing on you! I never did my hair any bright colors except when I accidentally dyed it Tweety Bird yellow when I was trying to go blonde. I think brights are good on other people, I just look better with more natural colors, particularly dark. (I looked terrible as a blonde!)

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    1. It’s definitely a endeavor when doing your own hair . I use a lot of coconut oil and wella lightener , plus toner . And I try to space out my hair lightning sessions . But before I started bleaching I used to wear clip in hair extensions. Those are really easy to wear , especially if you get human hair extensions and color them yourself . Well I guess it depends I know some like to do the sewn extensions and the bead attachment ones . There’s definitely some cool hair stuff and options now . Thanks for reading ✨😊🌺

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    1. Thanks ! I’m still rocking a shade of pink even if my roots are currently blonde . And you should look into playing around with extensions or pink braids , I’m sure you could pull it off ✨💕


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