arctic fox electric paradise hair dye review

2038EF7A-3954-49E3-9057-D312D94EA021Now it’s Electric Paradise’s time to shine! I’ve always wanted to try this shade, as it’s a bit more of a coral-based neon pink. And sometimes coral can scare me as I worry that it might read more orange on me but thankfully that was not the case with this nice color.

386F96BA-74C3-420C-8446-56A70B6FA8CFThere’s the forbidden pudding !  I love this color!

11369668-9EF8-4660-ABCD-02E861A5AAC0 And yes it’s the same pic from the Space Cowgirl post, but it shows how light my blonde fringe was, and how light the faded Iroiro Neon pink was too . That pink kind of refuses to leave my ends, So I’ll just work with it.

20356FE0-FE73-4A77-8310-5C1D5FBA1111And here’s how it looked in my hair , a bit like Guava pink shade.  I left this on for the same time as Space Cowgirl, so like 6 or more hours. Or about that time, so the color could really soak in.

Also I only rinsed in cold water with conditioner.

And here’s how it looks !

D2A4DF70-512E-49BE-BBF5-002104D8963AIt’s a very nice bright coral peachy pink shade.  Not as insanely bright as Iroiro pink but still nice. I did have some issues with the color sticking to the tips of my fringe. I later added a tiny bit of Electric Paradise and Iroiro Neon Pink so it wasn’t white.

C65A82E3-1C9F-42B4-9C91-9A937EC6AD74 On the bangs or fringe it looks lighter than on my ends. I wonder if it’s because the faded Iroiro pink really helped this color stick to those parts?

701B84BB-3C19-4746-AB8A-F7C9F02687CA And here’s the later pic from a few rinses. It looks a bit lighter on my fringe. I may have to add the rest of my Electric Paradise soon.  This is another shade like Space Cowgirl that I fear fades a little quicker on my hair than the Iroiro colors. It’s a shame too as the colors are really pretty and also unique. Even with the cold water rinses and co-washes. But I will do my best to preserve the colors as I do love them.

Oh and here’s some blacklight pictures! They’re again not as bright under the blacklight as Iroiro, but I still love showing off the UV reactivity of shades for those who UV shades in their life .

E9E1205B-19E9-4249-A87E-CFD29D8B09C4For these I had to get the black light pretty close to capture the pink. The green was a bit easier to show off.

22C6ADEB-0505-4DFB-938B-036501D36417And here’s one with blacklight and flash!

Overall I’m not sure if I would get this shade again depending on how long it actually lasts me. But I may try another similar shade or just add a peach shade into my Iroiro Neon Pink.  Let me know what you think in the comments. I’m sure I’ll be buying more dye to show off lol.

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