iroiro Neon Yellow hair dye review

D0838805-9C58-4348-BB12-6A3B34CA1B09So today I’m going to be trying out the Iroiro neon yellow dye. This dye will be used over my faded iroiro neon green. And I swapped out my pink and used pastel aqua . The faded pink was a mix of virgin pink and bubble gum rose. This made a really dark and interesting blue with streaks of purple. Also I think the pastel aqua may have gotten darker , because even diluted with conditioner it was pretty intense.AB340E66-0CFE-42D0-A2D5-13C9D3F1087AThis is my starting out picture ! I did the blue the night before as I was worried about getting blue mixed with the yellow. I mean that can still happen but it seems a little easier to worry about rinsing out one color. This blue can be destructive .

B99F036B-9DCA-4410-B15B-EDDDBC8FA24FMore pictures to show how faded and light the green was.

738F2625-A218-4CB4-96E9-4DAE5589A2C7And now let’s check out the dye.

BAC3FC33-D70E-45BF-9089-1040069AC8A3It comes in an easy to use squeeze tube and is a nice sunny bright marshmallow peep shade. It’s a super happy yellow ! Also it smells fantastic like coconut and some other fruity flavor. Iroiro is the best scented hair dye .

And now let’s see how well it covered my hair .

A3F10F88-2153-44F9-9195-B6F048911205That’s a pretty bright yellow ! I tried to blend in the yellow to my blue and it made it a bit green. But that’s okay.

6B830864-51DF-4AD5-ACCF-7A7447E6DE45I got some on my dark roots and it made it look a but oily lol , But it’s super bright and for the most part looks more yellow than green.

837D07D2-3FB9-4FA6-A3A6-2501F237415E I thought it was a good idea to wear blue lipstick as it’s been a while plus some how the pumpkin spice palette works well in the look.

1F993866-AD40-4A88-98B4-930A68ECAE37Here’s a better shot of my yellow side. If all goes well with the shower I should have a nice Blue Tang combo.


Maybe but also:D3D1FC6D-4D23-47D1-8D67-87243F1EBBAE

And finally the reveal!


Some parts of my hair still look a bit greenish , but the majority of it is a very bright neon yellow ! I rinsed in cold water and tried to keep the yellow seperate from the rest of my hair. I was really happy with how intense this yellow shade is. It’s insanly bright and it glows under a black light too !

I was super happy with how it turned out! The blacklight picture do make it look a bit more greenish , but in person it was way more yellow.

I’ll do some updates with how the color stays and how well I can keep it from mixing with the blue. Let me know what you think of this dye and if you’ve ever tried a yellow hair dye before . I think this would be a fantasti yellow to add to a rainbow hair look, especially if it was paired with other uv activated colors.

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