Urban decay vice hydrating lipstick in BAck Talk

*I was sent this item for free from Influenster and Urban Decay in exchange for my honest review.

789C2F2E-EC62-4120-9763-1B7B182F4CB7 Hey everyone ! I was lucky enough to recieve this Urban Decay voxbox with one of their hydrating Vice Lipsticks . Now this is the first time I’ve tried Urban Decay’s relaunch of their Vice lipsticks. I was honestly kind of sad that alot of their shades were discontinued and it seems the company has been playing safe with the color selection. So no more dark blues, black, bright purples, or shades like Asphyxia (which I loved ) or Uv-B. I really hope they bring those back , as I wasn’t that interested in the revamp tbh. But with my opinions aside I’ll go ahead and show off the box.


D23D0495-1200-4B07-9F0B-F80E17EC4001The actual lipstick box looks kind of cool.

D5FF1308-49C8-4BBC-99C7-614517F91D4A and the shell for the lipstick is nice and reflective.

0F5156D1-A0BE-4666-828F-7BE473FB4AA6It’s a mauvy nude shade !

43DD22C0-E9B9-474B-8920-D1DCCDCF78B7They kept the UD logo stamped on the lipsticks.

91C2DF63-5650-461F-A43C-665A1C333CC2It actually looks pretty good here. I like how creamy the lipstick is and easy to swatch.

Now for how it looks on my lips.

C49D59F9-BBE5-4F7E-9B7A-9873727B265Ewith flash ! It looks a bit more pink toned here. I was also sad that I lost the pink ball to my lip ring recently. I know I can probably find another one online , but still.

Now with no flash.

9092BE25-D591-4D51-8ACC-B3A6F3668F3EAnd here I liked that it looked a bit brighter. Maybe this will work with my current hair colors. Also this lipstick was very easy to wear, super hydrating, creamy and I’ve even tried mixing it with some of my other shades to make new colors. It’s not really scented , and has avacado oil and rosemary leaf extract. 

81E78BC6-577E-4181-88A4-ACE721F75A23Yeah I actually really liked this shade. I think it worked well with the coral pink hair. Overall I liked the feel and wear of the lipstick and even the color. But I do wish Urban Decay would bring back some of their other shades back along with adding more colors as well. I feel like the Vice lipsticks have really shrunk with the variety of colors available , but their formula isn’t bad. I heard that they got rid of some of the shades due to them not being vegan, But I’m sure they could probably try to make some of those older shades vegan as well. 

Well let me know what you think and if you have tried any of Urban Decay’s newer Vice lipsticks?And do you miss the old line ? 

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9 thoughts on “Urban decay vice hydrating lipstick in BAck Talk

  1. That shade looks pretty on you! Even though I don’t purchase that many lipsticks, I agree that I wish Urban Decay would bring back some of their more unique colors, but I understand why they decided not to.

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  2. I have tried this shade and I love it. It’s been difficult lately to get my hands on UD’s Vice lippies and now it makes me wonder if it’s because they are changing the packaging.

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    1. I wonder if they are cutting back maybe . I heard a rumor somewhere on the beauty reddit that Urban Decay wasn’t stocked in some stores internationally . And the Sephora I visit only has a few products out o the floor.

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      1. Shoppers Drug Mart also carries it but but not every store. One store near me that had it the shelf has been replaced with Drunk Elephant. A lot of Vice shades I also liked are only on the brand site now, noticed the same thing with YSL Rouge Volupte too

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      2. Thats so cool that your drugstore has all those brands . The ones here have only brands like wet n wild ; Maybelline, nyx , rimmel and revlon. To get the other brands you have to go to Ulta or Sephora.

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