Lime crime unicorn hair in Pony Hair dye review

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5ADFFFDD-5835-4404-9050-25FE9D7980FE Hey everyone ! After having my split dye for a few months , I was getting tired of my lavender half going blue. Like whatever I did , redying it, adding some pink to that side , it just faded to a blue. It was kind of annoyingas my pink side faded the least and didn’t need to be touched up as much. But the Iroiro neon lavender would fade and turn some of my hair blue or even green. So I decided enough was enough and put the rest of the Iroiro pastel bubblegum pink all over my head. Some parts were peachy but thankfully it neutralized the blue/green parts of the lavender. Also Iroiro doesn’t really make a red or pink based purple and I recently discovered that Punky’s hair dye changed the formula on their violet and purple dyes. So I decided to try out Lime Crime Unicorn hair again. My previous colors were Lime Crime a slime green,  bubblegum rose a really nice bright coral pink , and  Sour candy a candy pink. I thought since I liked the pinks so much that just maybe the purple would work for me as well.

F858C120-971C-414B-88CF-9BFB352AA489It looks pretty rich on the box but I’ve also seen the box art lie when it comes to Lime Crime, not to say the dyes are bad but sometimes the box makes them look different than in person. 


B19C8AEF-B1AB-451A-A418-7737852112E2And now the bottle ! Wow that’s dark . It’s almost like an eggplant but it does have some nice red hues to it. So let’s check it out in the bowl.

C02D4C46-8C02-4473-9DC0-E7ED7C278BE5Wow this is really nice ! It’s a super rich purple, and it’s a nice pudding like consistency. 

Also beware for those that have not tried Lime Crime dyes, they are heavily scented like perfume. For me it can kind of be overpowering, but I feel like others may really like it. And the smell does kind of stay on you hair even after rinsing . It’s like spiced vanilla , with some other notes thrown in , possibly floral , but it’s really strong , especially if you are like me , wearing the dye in your hair for almost 7 hours before rinsing. Pretty much all veggie based dyes are safe to leave in for a really long time , ( you wouldn’t want to do this with dyes that take a developer) as it does help the color really soak into your hair.

E7E39073-D911-4ACE-B15C-2CA5454198D4Also it stains pretty bad, so wear gloves . I forgot to put my gloves on before and this happened . It stayed on my hands , after the shower and only really came off when I did some dishes. Also careful with your sink , areas where the dye sat, were lightly stained. I was still able to get it off with baking soda though. 

Now for how it looks in the hair:

Oh and before I forget a before picture to show how light my hair was .

Yeah pretty light faded pastel bubblegum pink and lavender(it’s super faded ) . Also before that my hair was bleached to platinum, so really light.

2992BB48-0771-4140-9248-9CC9E8D682ED5F366BC9-67CC-4133-97C1-E70FAE902F2EActually this dye looks exactly like it does on the box, so maybe it’s just the later colors. I remember hearing about Pony when Lime Crime first came out with their hair dye line, so it makes sense. They pretty much perfected the shade, like Bubblegum Rose ( also one of the originals). Its very pink based and I like it. Not quite as red as say Punky purple ( which I haven’t tried in a while). It spreads pretty as and I still have a bit left in the jar for touch ups . Also coconut oil removes the dye on your face for those interested .

And now let’s check out how it looks the next day.

EE653747-DEBD-4A27-9BEF-28C7C9426BCAI tried to get different angles and lighting. There was a few strands I missed covering so those areas are kind of light pink, but the rest of my hair is very bright purple.


My roots were still kind of peachy pink , so they look more lilac, but that’s alright.

1DC8E4BD-AC4F-45B3-B6C0-4ABF431D4185 Here’s with less light, it’s still very purple but my ends look less pink toned.

AE0BF522-57B0-4F25-AFC5-A0921A616DE0Direct light ( trying to mimic sunlight as it’s was cloudy)

42919A08-B954-42C6-8373-7690B117F3A9 I had more silver pieces left in my hair from the neon lavender , so the next day I touched up with a mix of Pony and Iroiro Neon Lavender .


A29B98DD-229D-4228-9D3F-85411E5D2D92So without the light facing me , it looks more dark, but with the light:

E5EE182A-D320-4B9A-B8DC-6506D07AD541It’s super bright! I really love  this color , and it plays nicely with Iroiro . It’s still mostly pink toned but looks darker . I like this color so much , that I may pick up the color depositing conditioner in Pony on Lime Crime’s site. I’ve always wanted to try them and see if the really do extend hair color time. Well let me know what you think and if you have tried any of Lime Crime’s hair dyes before ? Or purple dyes in general. Have a great week everyone!


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