jarrito’s Passion Fruit soda review


Hey everyone ! I updated my Jarritos Fiesta pack review as they added a new flavor. You can check out the full review here:Jarritos Fiesta Pack Review. But I still thought I would talk about the new flavor here . It’s Passion Fruit and it’s pretty good ! This new flavor replaced Jamaica in the Fiesta pack, which even though I loved Jamaica (hibiscus) the Passion fruit is a great addition. Plus it’s my first time trying it too , as I think you can only find it in the Fiesta pack.  The passion fruit flavor is very sweet , and remeniscent of those Welch’s tropical passion fruit gummie snacks. And also similar to the Tarrito candies . Even those taste more pineappley.

EA1B2DB0-92E7-4C7E-8DBE-A960D51635E8Overall I really like the Passionfruit flavor and wish they sold it in a bigger bottle. It’s now one of my favorites next to Guava , Madarin and Mango. Let me know in the comment’s section what some of your favorite Jarrito’s soda flavors are or if you have tried them yet. Have a great week everyone !

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7 thoughts on “jarrito’s Passion Fruit soda review

    1. I don’t drink too many carbonated drinks either, these are pretty much it , and maybe root beer once in a while. Dr Pepper and Cocoa Cola are so harsh lol awnd yes I love passion fruit anything . I used to have a tea that was passion fruit . It was so good , but it’s really hard to find now.

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