Iroiro Neon Pink Hair Dye Review

So it happened , after a few weeks of fading out the Special Effects Cupcake Pink , I decided on trying out Iroiro’s Neon Pink . This is a UV reactive dye, which I plan on in the future buying a black light to take pictures. I believe Cupcake pink was UV reactive as well but I was unable to get pictures to test it out . This will be pretty picture heavy but these were my results.

This was my base color, a very faded Special Effects Cupcake Pink
I swear this looks like a kid’s applesauce pouch.
This looks like a delicious pudding but its actually hair dye! and it smells amazing!

As always Iroiro dyes come packaged in a silver pouch that kind of reminds me of apple sauce or caprisun drinks . But the top twists off and is resuable. The viscousity of the dye reminded me of pudding , but it was easy to spread throughtout my hair . Also the smell is really good , its sort of like blueberry lemonade . I was able to cover my whole head (with the exception of my natural dark roots) and still have a bit left over . I think I may use the remainder for touch ups . I definitely feel like this is a color I will be staying with for months to come.

IMG_2204 (2).JPG
Always remember to wear a shirt you really don’t like , because this stuff stains.

I left the dye on for 6-7 hours , not really sure exactly since I cleaned the house and lost track of time . But its safe to leave on for that long since its a veggie based dye . And my hair really soaked in the color . For the rinse , there was bright pink water everywhere ! I tried only using cold water so I keep the color nice and bright. But there was still pink rinsing out the next day too . I think that might be the nature of this dye , so be aware of staining and bleeding with showers. And be sure to use gloves when rinsing , otherwise you’ll have bright pink hands .

And now pictures galore! I’ve taken a few the next day , and they’re aren’t in perfect lighting but you can really see how bright it inside . The better pictures are from the third day when outside in the sunlight . Its a super neon, vibrant,true hot pink ! In my personal experience with dyes this maybe one of the brightest colors I’ve used . As a pink , it doesn’t lean too red or too purple like a few other brands . Its what I would consider a true Neon Pink dye . Also the dye left my hair feeling really soft and conditioned.

Inside lighting
Inside a restaurant it looks a bit more like bright bubblegum


The rare times I go out in the sunlight
In indirect sunlight
This has got be my favorite pink hair dye


Enter a caption


Even in the car it was still bright !

Well I was really impressed with this dye and Iroiro seems to make quality dyes that are true to package . I plan on after I get tired of pink, (which may be a while) trying out Iroiro’s Neon Blue and possibly lavender . I will post updates on color longevity and see how this fades. Plus I still need to get a black light to take glow pictures .

Update: While showering I reccomend using shower cap to keep you hair safe until you want to wash or rinse off with cold water . It really does help save your color and keeps the color from bleeding all over you in the shower.

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16 thoughts on “Iroiro Neon Pink Hair Dye Review

  1. This colour is unbelievable! I can see why you might stick with it for a little while. I thought the wannabe-bubblegum pink wasn’t bad, but this Neon Pink is something else. Wow! I love how bright it is, and I love the contrast between your pink hair and your dark brown eyes! So gorgeous!

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