Smokey eye and Blue lip combo

Hey everyone ! I wanted to wear another blue lipstick look while also using some of older palettes. I wanted to do a more neutral smokey eye , so for the eyes I used both Bh Cosmetics Fairy Lights and Juvia’s Place The Douce palettes .

4EBEBFD5-B10A-40E5-BFA9-47AE60B9E6B3I’ve been using this one a lot when I want a neutral look as some of the mattes in here work really well and the formula is  super easy to blend.

EF28D4E4-E84D-4196-813B-E7F52048E19E I used Angelic on my brow bone and Precious on my crease to start out.

1FCFC66C-579C-4DA6-B544-AD576FFC6F89And next up is the Douce palette which I believe has been discontinued. I do love this palette as it’s a nice mix of neutrals and pops of candy colors. 

BF5B5062-27AA-4749-ACA6-531FA7EAC569 Chocolate was used to deepen the V shade and make things a bit more smokey.

5AEAAF56-0C1B-44EA-8D83-8B8A34869AC0 I felt like Angelic from the Fairy Lights palette was a bit too light so I mixed in Berry Mousse to make my brow bone blend in better. The pewter shade Mont Blanc was used as the shimmer. I really like this shade And want to use it a bit more .

Here’s the list of the other products:

  • Nyx Jumbo liner in Milk for the base
  • Nyx Glitter glue for the Mont Blanc shimmer
  • Essence Princess mascara ( I’m not a fan of this mascara but want to use it up.)
  • Rimmel Scaandaleyes kohl for waterline
  • Nyx Thats the point Liner
  • Revlon Color Stay Concelealer in 15
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Magic Touch Concealer in 4
  • Make Up For Ever HD Velvet Skin Matte velvet powder in  2N22 ( I don’t like this that much either lol )
  • Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray 
  • Sephora Sea Mist matte lipstick as the base 
  • Nyx Candy Slick gloss in Mints was used on top.

So I decided to try out the Makeup forever hd skin matte velvet powder foundation again , but I still don’t really like it .  It does work better with the setting spray , But I still have some texture issue with it. It’s just overly dry in my opion. Also this time I tried it with the Nyx marshmallow primer , as I thought that would also help. Still not best foundation powder in my opinion but it looks alright for pictures.

61F26B20-2AAC-4310-9ABD-2B64FB6E9DC7 Also the eyes came out alright but the Essence Lash Princess mascara kind of smudges . So definitely another finicky product. 

F9861A51-61A3-42F0-BB3E-24EAB6632358 But not too bad from further away. Also I’m really liking how the purple is fading, it’s been a very gradual fade and it’s starting to become pastel in some places. I added the tiniestb amount of pastel aqua , plus a drop of pony and conditioner a few weeks ago and this gave me a more violet shade. But what’s nice is the pink tone is still there . So no fading to green . 

8B8F8F97-7A5F-4767-8F7B-FF33BE8A4FAB I really like this shade of blue , and it was nice using the Sea Mist shade to line my lips with the Nyx Candy Gloss for shine. It also lasted pretty long with not too much smudging.  I’m a little sad as the Candy Gloss is almost out so I may have to reorder it . Well thats all for now , I feel like I was re- reviewing quite a bit of products . Also I think the Nyx Candy Slick Glowy Lip Color Review was my first ever review on this blog ! Wow that seems so long ago . Well have a good week everyone !



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8 thoughts on “Smokey eye and Blue lip combo

  1. I definitely had a better experience with the lash princess mascara, I found it to be a great dupe for the Smashbox Superfan mascara. How do you like the NYX glitter glue? Have you ever used it for loose glitters? I’m thinking about trying it and reviewing it on my own blog, so curious to see what your opinion is!

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    1. For me the lash princess just makes my lashes stick together a bit much . But it’s not terrible just not my favorite . Oh and Nyx Glitter glue works really well for shimmers and loose glitters . I have some pressed glitters in a few of my Juvia’s Place palettes and it works really well for keeping them in place . I was sad though that one of the nyx glitters was marked for face only , so I have tried it with that particular glitter yet . I do think the Nyx glitter glue is one of the best and pretty easy to find , otherwise I was originally using Too Faced Glitter glue . I think they discontinued that one sadly , so I’ve only been using Nyx .

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