Nyx Candy Slick Glowy Lip Color Review



Hey everyone this is my first review and I decided to do the Nyx Candy Slick Glowy Lip Color in Extra Mints . So far this is the only shade that I picked up but I would probably try out the grape and bright pink shade .This is a very sticky kind of gloss and not quite a one swipe shade.But it is kind of fun to stick in your purse on the go and swipe when you need some extra color.Plus the formula is actually quite moisturizing , which for me is always a plus although those who want a formula that dried down may be disappointed . It did however stain my lips a light bluish color when I removed it . But I think I good sugar lip scrub will probably help those who don’t want zombie lips .

Nyx Extra Mints

Now one thing I tried is swiping the Extra Mints over a Matte lip color like the Maybelline powder matte lip in Smokey Jade . I’ve alway had a problem with Smokey Jade but dabbing a bit of Extra Mints on top makes its a bit more comfortable and fun .


Also update : I accidently cracked part of the cap when I was screwing it back on, so be mindful to not tighten too much . 

So my final thoughts on Extra Mints is that I would probably repurchase again and in different colors . It is a very fun shade and probably my first ever blue lip gloss aside from one I made as a teen  by dipping the stick of my glitter clear gloss onto my blue lipstick . So I admit I’m probably more biased towards this for nostalgia reasons.  And the price isn’t too bad either at $6.50 each . 


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