One N Only Perfect Intensity PaStel AQua hair color review

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So I thought it’s finally time to do more hair color reviews, as I’ve tried so many in the past 12 years or more. I’ll be using a few older pictures in this review where I had my whole head pastel aqua, but I’ll also include some updated pictures where I used this color recently for my raccoon tail.  Also some backstory , this item was gifted to me from One n Only. I loved this color and it was out of stock at every Sally’s beauty supply in my area. I wrote a message to One n Only on Facebook and they responded by asking for my address and sending 4 tubes of Pastel Aqua . To my knowledge you can still buy pastel aqua from sally’s online and amazon. But it’s been almost 4 years since I received this color, and it’s still very vibrant! 

The tube is a bit smooshed since I recently used it, plus it’s also the last one in my stock. It comes in a metal tube that can be a bit hard to get all of the product out. Also be aware that the formula for One n Only dyes is a bit runny.

In the tube the color is very intense almost neon electric blue that leans a bit turquoise, if you add this directly to hair you may get a brighter than whats shown on the box color. Of course this also depends on how light your hair is . The following pictures , I only used a tiny bit of blue and diluted it with conditioner. This made my hair a bit silvery when added to the pink. IMG_4815 (2)My next picture I diluted it again with conditioner over platinum bleached hair on a very pale pink. I was trying to change that side so I could eventually do green. It’s a beautiful shade and if you wanted to make your own toner with a light pink this is your blue. It fades to silver shade. 9BA4665A-7303-406D-9286-01CE2C358EF3

And here I just mixed in some Arctic fox pink and pastel aqua for one of the nicest platinum white shades.


My next set of pictures I had to dig for but here is pastel Aqua in it’s full glory!

The lighter silvery blue picture is after I came back from Mexico and the filter one is on one of my first dye days undiluted.  

And here’s even more pictures , the one with bubblegum pink stripes is I believe the first time I tried pastel aqua. It was super bright over white hair.


I think some of the blue bled into the bubblegum pink so it looks more purple.

F3BCC25B-5B99-4F81-8163-0D4205FAAADFFreshly dyed not so pastel aqua. I may have let it set for hours, so the color really sat into my hair. It also never really wanted to leave , so one reason I have to be cautious using it with other colors.

7F63FC78-3C1C-43C8-8DD1-CA4BF683C771And here it faded to the actual shade , it definitely has some turquoise tones in it. 


And iguana tail ! The pastel aqua was used in the stripes, but I had to super dilute it so it wouldn’t bleed into my green. It doesn’t really look diluted either, so I wonder if the color sitting made it more potent.

I do love this color , and will probably buy more when I want to go aqua blue again.  I did forget to mention it does smell like perfume, and that may be a deal breaker for some, but I didn’t mind it too much.  Also this line of dyes has been super conditioning to my hair which is one reason I use it after bleaching in my toner. This is the 4th dye that I’ve tried from One n Only , the others being Chrome (beautiful Silver), pastel bubblegum ( bright cool bubblegum shade ) and Pastel lilac ( which I did review in the early days of the blog.) I think if you want some pigmented pastels that last, definitely check this brand out. Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any other One n Only products. Have a great week everyone !


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11 thoughts on “One N Only Perfect Intensity PaStel AQua hair color review

    1. I know some colors seem to really stick around . Pink and blue seem to last the longest , with green possibly fading the fastest . Oh and deep violets also stick to my hair . If only I could find a long lasting silver .


      1. Silver to last would be the dream. I think because my hair is so dark and red based, it makes sense the red undertoned purples and pink last the longest, and others strip out so fast.

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