Essence Lash princess Curl and volume mascara review


So time for more mascara ! This particular mascara was a gift from fiance’s little sis . She bought this tried it out and didn’t like it , so she asked me if I wanted to try it out, and I said sure ! Plus it’s been forever since I’ve tried anything Essence , I think it was thier liquid liner last time . Plus the rubber design on the top of the cap is pretty cute . Like a corset or dress lacing. Oh wait very similar to a certain Prinzessin:

Genshin Impact 7_19_2022 10_14_46 PM (2) I’m sure Fischl would appreciate the design as well .

Pretty cute in my opinion !

Now lets check out the wand :

6F1EB5DC-CA7E-425C-8243-39334E7C35F8Now for me I’m not the biggest fan of this brush, and the formula is a bit goopy. But Too Faced Damn Girl ! Hd a similar round brush style and I liked it and Milk’s brush is also kind of weird and I love that.

But … The formula is goopy and if you’re not careful it can make a mess of things including your eyes . So definitely try to swipe of the excess. I had some mascara just goop out as I was pushing the wand back in. So a bit messy. Also it did slightly clump my lashes a bit , plus seperating the lashes seemed to have gotten more mascara on my hands. I really should’ve used another straighter brush to sperate them. Oh well, I do feel it fanned out my lashes and made the curl just a bit as my eyes looked wider . But the goopiness is a bit of problem and letting it the mascara dry a bit is a must.

EB60AF6B-5871-4217-808F-06ECB83D509FEyes together ! I feel like it looks better in the pictures than it did in real life . I do feel like the eye on the left has a bit of spideriness on the bottom lash. The right one somehow came out perfect. So I would reccomend using a nother brush to seperate lashes .

Now for the individual eye pictures. I finally got to photograph Purple Violet and Lucky Clover from the Garden of Juvia’s palette.  I also added Money Tree and a smokey shade from the orginal Wahala palette.

5C571627-6FD6-4F42-973B-CC66F9955966This side got a bit more light with the flash , I do like the curling effect from the mascara , but I wish it wasn’t so goopy. 

B4BC6FFF-BD12-430C-BEE1-6A7D079EB4D1Here’s the other eye and you can kind of see where the top lashes stick together. Clumpiness is definitely an issue with this mascara.


I didn’t notice any flakiness or dryness though and it did seem to lengthen and curl . So it’s kind of a mid product in my opnion .

A45447B6-1488-43C4-9B72-A15875218551The length it added was nice but the tendency to clump wasn’t as nice.

Not neccessarily my  favorite drugstore  but better than say the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara Review. Overall I’ll probably rotate this and the Elf Big Mood mascara to get rid of both, but I probably wouldn’t buy this . Even if the tube is pretty cute and lacey.

5D6AD65E-1647-4E93-B580-653C2190E4A1Have a good Friday everyone and let me know what you think. Have you tried any other Essence products before?


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5 thoughts on “Essence Lash princess Curl and volume mascara review

  1. Love the eye look! I have this mascara in my stash to try out but haven’t opened it yet. My favorite from Essence is the one that’s black with orange/coral packaging. I know lots of folks like the black with mint green packaging but I am not that big of a fan of that one.

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  2. I bought this so long ago and still haven’t used it. I have so many other mascaras to go through first that are older but I’m getting closer to it! I’m glad to see this review because I was curious about it and I don’t see Essence mascara reviews all that often. My favorite from them is the 18hr Volume Stylist but in the purple tube not the pink one.

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  3. The most important thing i liked in your review is that it was straight to point and it wasn’t like advertisement. Your words are very honest and that’s why girls like me are searching on internet before buying essence mascara.

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