Beauty Bay Retro Love sneak Peek

7DA3088C-D137-4226-9990-6007E967C27CSo after much consideration , I decided to order the Beauty Bay Retro Love palette. I’m trying to be pickier with palette choices and color stories as I do have a lot of colorful palettes . It was a rather tough choice between the Retro Love or Juvia’s Place Candy Shop. Both are really nice spring time palettes , but there was something about Retro Love that called to me.

C1BEA571-729A-402B-AA57-6BB3C7B49518 The palette is meant to be a 60’s inspired Valentine’s  color story with really cool psychedelic hearts on the cover. I actually really like the idea of doing a Valentine’s Palette with blues and smokey shades . So more like the cute Sweet Tart’s candy hearts !


FC3C4028-48A2-41EA-A493-9515C701C0AAThe shimmers are beautiful ! And I’m also liking the neutral shades as well, plus there’s a nice charcoal shade too . I will be showing off the swatches for the full review but for now I’ll show off one of my first looks.

Cotton Candy skies!

I really wanted to play with the blue’s and the lilac shimmer , but wasn’t sure what other colors to pair ,and the bright pink Cupid also caught my eye.



I used Cupidand tried to blend it inward with L-O-V-E , then used the shade Blue Suede . All of these shades were layered over Nyx jumbo milk liner to really make the colors pop. Chapel of Love and Love Me Do were blended on my brow bone . The darker blue , Magic Moment was used on the bottom lashline. And finally after using some glitter glue , I applied River Deep on the middle of my eyes . I love the wet look of this shade and how it kind of reflects like a light green. It catches the light really well.

472CDC4C-E42D-4C14-A456-4CA376887698I tried to keep my face neutral as this was super bright look.

90A5398E-50C1-414A-A737-D8E89F7722BBI’ll have the rest of this review up soon as I’m still playing around with color combinations and swatches. let me know what you think and if you have ever tried Beauty Bay before ? My last order from them was when I ordered the Makeup Revolution Bird of Paradise palette, which actually came pretty quickly. Well have a great week everyone !


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2 thoughts on “Beauty Bay Retro Love sneak Peek

    1. Thanks so much ! I need to upload the rest of the looks . I really like this palette . A few shades need a little bit more work to blend but it’s still pretty good.


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