Makeup forever hd skin matte velvet powder foundation in 2n22 review

*This post contains a product that was sent to me for free from Influenster and Make Up For Ever in exchange for my honest review.

E6B5BEBB-EB8A-4682-BF59-F122A3D0BFE4 So I actually recieved the brush from the last review in this box, I think the main star was supposed to be the powder foundation , but I really liked the brush the best. I wanted to like the foundation , but there was some issues . So let’s take a look a t the packaging.

E7A0CAC0-8F62-429B-B0F9-DA1E1E9CE53EIt’s pretty compact, very thin.


So this is meant to be a blurring powder, and one swipe. It’s also a matte finish.

17274699-ED30-4965-982E-DB5A820B928BIn the survey they asked which skin tone was closest to mine, but the pictures they used were a bit blurry , so I may have picked the wrong one . This powder seemed a little bit more warm even though its meant to be neutral.

4F6F74D2-595A-4C44-9DC4-4FE178913304Here’s the case , I love how slim and cute it is . Like right away, I was like this is super nice , I can just toss this in my makeup bag or purse and be ready for touch ups.

CF88E1A7-7C14-4DF1-92A3-0A9C3BCCCC9EI tried to get a flash picture and one without. I inititally thought the sponge was also another shade , but it’s a two sided sponge that has side for sheer pick up and one for full coverage.It’s whatever , it gets dirty pretty fast and it seems like when I used it it picked up a lot of product.I think I like brushes a bit better to be honest. Otherewise the sponge just kind of cakes it on. Doesn’t matter the side you use.

20473B2E-F4AF-4655-99B1-B6ABE14EA263Overall I think the packaging and presentation of the product is really nice . The powder itself is very silky and fine . The actual tone for my skin was bit more warm , but not so bad that it made me look wierd . Just like maybe I got some extra sun from going to the beach.

Now for the wear test, I didn’t super like it. It clung to certain areas of my face where I had some acne scarring and just kind enhanced it. So not really blurring . The issue was more noticable in real life vs pictures honestly. As that’s one of this powder’s strengths as it’s photogenic with really bright lights , but go outside or in natural light , you see the flaws.  But I think some foundations are like that, they’ll look great on camera , but not some much up close in real life. It could be because Make Up For Ever’s original HD line was for 4k movie and televison filming. So you definitely want that camera ready look, but it just didn’t look right when I would look at myself in the mirror. I did try it bare and with primer , it kind of needed the primer to be honest.

40537B47-3F1C-419E-9819-562EF321202EHere’s a shot with no lighting , just my camera’s flash.

And here’s a few with the bright lights , and camera flash:



F3C9F69D-ED0D-4E67-9775-4A7AEC89D5CFAlso I still had some issues with texture IRL. So I decided to solve them with a setting spray. This actually really helped out . 

314B006F-0146-4B67-8FD9-345700AAAED5And finally one outside right before the sun set.

21A3E5F6-C5FE-458E-A39D-AE19E3A6ABEDHere you can kind of tell the foundation is a bet darker than what I normally wear. I do think the setting spray did kind of smooth out. But that defeats the purpous of the one swipe blurring effect advertised . So it needs work. . It’s not terrible , just not my favorite. I will try it later with some lighter concealer to see if that helps . Also my last post with the brrush review was actually from the same day these photos were taken . I was able to try out some blush on top of the foundation. It did set pretty nice on my face , but this was after using the setting spray. So for those interested , you can layer other products over this powder.  Let me know what you think in the comments and if you have ever used any products by Make Up For Ever . Have a great week !

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2 thoughts on “Makeup forever hd skin matte velvet powder foundation in 2n22 review

  1. That does make sense that it would work a bit better on camera than real life, but that really limits the number of people who would need something like it. Maybe for blog photos but then I’d never want to wear it outside because I hardly go to any events. It’s nice that you tried multiple ways to make it work though.

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