Ghost whey protein In oreo flavor review

EAB2121A-3771-42A5-836D-D18EB9005C4DI tried to get a good shot of this product with the Oreo Logo but it’s just too big.

81E67485-FD7B-403B-8261-3930111B9701There we go lol My faince actually bought this online as he was working out and needed a good post workout drink. I use it occassionally as well after work outs . Now I’ll mostly reviewing the taste and consistency , but I’ll go ahead and address the CA Prop 65 warning.

D1637E2A-67D5-4F75-B93A-AE4F41B14399So according to a very long article I was reading some articles about it as it mainly goes for lead content found in plant or animal materials that are somewhat naturally occurring . This is important as you really should only take the recommended amount of this or any other supplement . It also gets slightly confusing as I guess this warning applies to other food products as well such a chocolate. I don’t want to get too much into it but I was made aware of the label when trying to review another supplement (coming soon). While I do think this product is mostly safe I did want to address that for those wondering. I’ll also go ahead and link a few articles to explain things a bit better. And I’ll be honest a lot of these things are super  confusing.


Now as for the taste , it’s a bit mixed. My fiance says it tastes okay , but also you should drink this fast as it’s kind of gross to sip. It tastes like every other Whey protein , overly creamy, it does taste like cookies but not like oreos . More like the generic oreos, though it is tastier than other whey protein mixes . It  has chunks of oreo cookies inside the mix. I would have to agree, while I don’t think it tastes gross per say, it’s definitely whey protein I normally only drink it with warmish water ( this helps it mix a little bette). Would I reccomend it, yeah probably , and it’s probably great if you’re doing a lot of working out , heavy lifting ect, but if you buy this and only do mild exercise , this large tub will probably last you a while. We work out but don’t always drink it after light exercises . Also I think you could probably make a smoothie with as  well, it’s just the cookie flavor may over power what ever you pair it with lol. Well let me know what you think . Have a nice week everyone.



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