Almay goddess gloss in Rainbow review

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Hey everyone ! I’ve been a little slower reviewing things , taking it easy after Christmas and trying to finish up a few games I’ve started . Hopefully I can review some of those in full later , but for now lets talk about this Goddess gloss. I bought another one after trying the Angelic gloss , which really impressed me . I loved the texture and shimmer , and this one doesn’t disappoint . Its the same formula and has very noticable almost duochrome like finish.

B92C7816-8309-4AC4-B925-9DF27A287DD7 It catches the light very well and smells amazing ! Like vanilla candy , and the texture is very nice too smooth , but not to sticky, almost gel like. And it has good staying power as well, just not too much when eating say a sandwich. But thats okay , because it leaves a nice pink stain on your lips. 

DE3B890F-3162-4804-AA4D-89EF288D7AE5Here’s how it looks without flash, still really sparkly and bright though.

And now with flash !

6F8AE368-9A7F-4F06-AB08-036AFE6B6D8DAnd here it is in all it’s glory ! I was really impressed with the dimension and shine. This may be one of my favorite gloss formulas ever ! It’s bright pink but with some blue and white sparkles . 

 And here’s a full face pic too. I kind of overdid it on the lilac eye makeup ( I was trying out another product as well ), As I think this shade would work more a statement color. But Oh well, I’ll keep that in mind next time . 


A30D8921-FF1B-4C72-8EA0-BA411EA4F168Overall the color is really nice and the consistency is easy to wear. Plus I love the holographic effect these glosses have, they’re really cool and rival some of the higher end brands . Plus they really do have some unique colors, purples , pinks , corals , and lighter more subtle shades. I will probably order the other shades that I don’t have such as the flame ( coral ) gilded ( gold). Let me know if you’ve tried any of these glosses and what you think . Have a nice week ! 

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