Revlon Color Effects Platinum review

*This item was sent to me for free from Influenster and Revlon in exchange for my honest review.

D02283C8-42DD-4469-A097-C12BD9B5E148Hey everyone !  This will be a slightly short hair dye review . I was sent this box in December , but I had just recently bleached my hair , and I really didn’t want to damage my hair by bleaching it again , plus pink dye wasn’t a veggie based dye. So I asked one of my friend’s if she wanted to dye her hair and possibly use this bleach. I wasn’t there for the actual bleaching and she sent me some pictures afterwards , so I’m basing this review off of her experiance.

997B837C-1266-4716-B25E-3A898B573C0F Also if you have dark thick hair like my friend’s, you may want to use two boxes of this bleach. 

D7F4D129-8BD3-464F-975A-161D820BA896 It does come with an antibrass conditioner , which kind of worked , but in my opinion you may get a more cool , or toned result using Wella and the Wella Charm in T18 ( plus 20 developer).

5CC0F382-AA41-40AE-A78D-A0F59AFB7382 Now I do remember bleaching my friend’s hair when she turned 18, and this was a few years ago so I can definitely say her hair is pretty thick. We had to do sections . But as I wasn’t there this time ,  she needed to get a second box of this bleach.

D55A7552-3D80-491A-925E-7363A46ECE74Here’s a before picture she sent me .Her roots are naturally dark, but she had the bottom bleached before.

B7881CA1-BE8F-4912-AE0E-85DEF43FCE86And here’s her hair bleached. It did come out a bit more yellow. So if you buy this bleach without covering it with a color or toning this might be a deterent. She did later dye with the Pastel Pink which I think may have lightened her hair a bit more while also depositing the pink shade. But if you bought this wanting a pure platinum blonde or icy white shade, I would reccomend Wella or another bleach system. Plus toner. 

 Also if you do get a result like this and don’t really like the yellow tones, purple shampoo and conditioner is your friend. It will cancel out some of the yellows and make your hair a bit more ashy or cool toned.  

 My friend did state that her hair was actually still pretty soft , so thats good . I’ll post her pink shade in the other post tomorrow .

Let me know what you think and some of your favorite bleach brands . Me personally , I really like Wella lightner and developer, as I think it works great , even on dark hair and is pretty gentle on already bleached hair. Also remember when bleaching, developer strength matters,as 20 is as high as I usually go and 40 being pretty dangerous if your hair is too light or has already been bleached. Well have a great week !

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