Iroiro pastel bubblegum pink hair dye

0A75C641-E343-42F6-A916-7186397A2FCFAnd as promised , I can finally review the pastel bubblegum pink hair dye . I did this shade as I wanted a lighter pink that was still bright , just not totally neon. I wanted to play nice with my Neon Lavender dye that I was also testing out in my split dye .  It’s actually the first time I’ve done a true split hair look too , so I was excited . 

BE861AE6-62EE-4145-9D86-881698D49C31Here it is in the bowl , it looks alot like Majin Buu

majin-buu-happy or Kirby 

1200px-Kirby_KATFLAs usual for Iroiro , This dye smells amazing ! And spreads really well and soaks into my hair.

AA52774B-6859-4C59-9AD5-7570349CD15A I tried mixing some in conditioner and letting set ( This was before a bleached my roots a second time ) and it was really nice. It doesn’t cover the darker blonde areas though. So for that you will need platinum hair .

F4B7FBBE-75BA-4911-889E-3A18375F230CAnd this is what I dyed over . Yes it’s super almost white platinuim, there are some banana yellow parts but they just came out more peachy.

DFB7A24E-E53D-48B6-959A-C49C04B26A37Here it is on my ends 

73514875-16D9-4CF7-BD30-9620EC79A7BF I let this set on my hair for a long time . 8 hours , since I was busy doing a few things and just kind of forgot about it. With veggie dyes you can usually let it stay on your hair for hours with no issues. It also condtioned my hair really well too .


And here’s how it looks freshyly dyed .

FB803DE9-4803-47B5-9B5E-AD2923AE877BYou can see near the roots it looks more peachy. But nothing too bad . 

FC40A974-8B05-443F-AAA2-BAED118A9D0FMy ends were covered really well . Also the only upkeep I do for this pink shade is cold water , and sometimes I’ll add the pastel bubblegum rose in my condtioner with a dot of Lime Crime Bubblegum Rose. This has pretty much kept my hair bright , at least the pink side.

4850345E-D7C3-402B-ADAB-4035B1727837It’s a little bit more pastel here, but not bad for almost 3 weeks . Pastels usually rinse out really easy and I was surprised with the longevity of this bubblegame shade. Overall I do think this is a pretty good pastel dye but the main drawback is you’re hair has to be very light platinum and the least maybe pale inside of a banana yellow. of course then you’ll get a more peachy shade.  Let me know what you think of the pastel bubblegum pink and what are some of your favorite hair dyes . 


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