Iroiro neon lavender hair dye review

A0139016-5AAA-4E10-A74F-DC8C3C7E077CAnd now for the second half of my split hair dye review . I really wanted to try this as I had previously had tried the pastel lavender . 

I liked the shade but wanted a bit more longevity and the pastel shade faded more bluish. Plus I thought a neon lavender sounded really cool.

DDEEBAC8-C17A-4F9A-846C-66E8E1F856DD And here it is , a nice pudding consistency.The top is the Neon Lavender  3A412FDF-2807-427F-9EE1-C6854E0B57EDAnd here’s an old picture of the pastel lavender . Surprisingly the pastel looks a bit brighter . 

So let’s check out what it looks like on my hair.  Keep in  mind this is how light my hair was before adding the dye.

A3612552-C206-47E5-96FB-5D191695EFB1 Of course I did dilute the dye in conditoner on my ends , this as before the second root bleaching.

D9C59ED3-C712-47B9-B4A8-D54BD0E65F8D It really didn’t stick too well to my darker blonde hair and faded to a silver on the ends. So for those who are interested in diluting in conditioner , be aware of the level of blonde you’ll need to be. I did think it was a bit odd that a neon shade would be less pigmented . If you read my other neon iroiro shades such as Neon Pink or  Neon Green these shades even diluted covered hair really well.

6261FCA0-4FF7-4EA2-8638-0FC4DC973732 Adn some parts of my hair still turned silver . I had to later add a bit more dye a week after to touch up those silvery parts.

F12EDF76-7B60-49C3-AFBE-D738B0EA9CC3Here’s the lavender with the pastel bubblegum pink . I left this in my hair for about 8 hours , this really helps the dye sink into my hair. It also is super conditioning too. And here’s after a cold rinse.

DE42169C-C66C-4AEE-85FF-DB7FA63948C0It’s a super nice and vibrant lavender . Some parts of my hair seem a bit more blue toned , but the ends look nice.

AA772637-8A9D-40E2-BFF1-D8E9A375C438This dye did need a bit more babying than some other purple shades I have tried from other brands. I did wash in cold water , and only used small amounts of shampoo. Plus the old adding dye into my conditioner trick as well.

D3AF2E3A-CAF5-4C4E-AEB2-64CBDAF9C597 And let’s show how this looks faded.

After almost 3 weeks :

4B5A36B0-1571-4E52-9172-97E7562AA931The lavender has faded , and changed to some other colors. Some parts of my hair are a nice silvery lavender , with some lilac and the top has turned blue ? I wasn’t super happy about that , but it’s not a bad shade of blue. I’m just confused as to why it turned blue in the first place . Maybe its the way Iroiro mixes their lavender shades. I think after letting this fade a bit more I may go back over this with the pink to get a more even lavender.  Well let me know what you think and if you have tried any purple dyes ? I used to really like Punky’s violet but I heard recently the formula changed . I may go back to Arctic Fox Purple AF (formally purple rain ) or try Lime Crime Pony.

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7 thoughts on “Iroiro neon lavender hair dye review

    1. Yeah I had the problem most with this dye and manic panic. I was considering using some arctic fox Purple AF or punky purple as they’re both pink based purple . I think iroiro puts. Little too much blue in their purple mixes.


    1. yeah I wouldn’t reccomend to those that don’t want to super bleach , but there are way more pigmented purples on the market that tint darker hair without the damage . And thanks ✨


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