Punky colour 3-in-1 color depositing shampoo +conditioner in purpledacious review

7FA2AFEE-881F-444A-827A-1C57BF6EE3D8Hey everyone ! I’ve talked a bit about trying a color depositing shampoo or conditioner and now I finally got to try one. Or three as this is a three in one product. It claims to deposit color, shampoo and condition, so I decided to use it right away when I showered. Also I’ve used Punky products before as I used to love their Violet, Turqouise and Atlantic Blue . They’re dyes were pretty sticky. Also interesting note is that Jerome Russel also makes the N Rage line and Raw line that were seen at Hot Topic and Sally’s. I used to Love Raw’s Deep Purple and Twisted Teal. They were some of the first brand’s of dyes that I used. So like all three lines, this 3-in one is scented like bubblegum.

This is what my hair looked like before :

A0403F45-F01F-421E-ACF3-33B881C7CFE9It’s a pretty faded lilac , my previous colors were Lime Crime’s Pony mixed with a tiny bit of One N Only pastel aqua. I was pretty happy with how Pony fades as it’s more pink based, it’s also pretty sticky too. But I really wanted to see how this color depositing shampoo/conditioner would work . 

I don’t have pictures of the product in the bowl and I may place one in later when I use this next. But it’s a very dark violet purple. It lean’s more blue based, so if that’s too much of an issue I would mix in some pink dye. I thought I would be safe as I still have a bit of Pony left in a jar for whenever I want redo the more pinky purple . Also the directions say to use gloves , which is pretty sound advice as this product super stains your hands. I didn’t , and now have purple hands lol. I also decided to treat this like dye , and put the dye in my mixing bowl first and painted it on with my tint brush. I thought this would make my application a bit more even and help the color sink into my hair better. I guess you could apply this to wet hair like a shampoo , but it may come out a bit streaky as it’s a pretty thick formula. Plus my hair is long so this is an easier way for me as well. I put a shower cap on and shaved and took a shower as normal. The bottle says you can leave this on for 5 minutes but I left mine on for 10. It did slightly stain my sink but I just use baking soda to remove the stains. My shower was okay, even though when I rinsed it was super violet purple. after rinsing I added a bit more of my regular coconut conditioner as I usually need extra . 

And here are the results the next day:

AF1FB6CF-AA4E-4818-969E-A5A87B97050DThis is most definitely closer to being a dye than just color depositing ! Wow ! It’s super violet purple now !

BA28A695-92CF-4765-AA44-750B4A02C2C2My end’s and parts of my fringe really soaked up the violet color. While the area’s on my closer to my roots are more of the pinky purple, it’s like the shampoo refreashed the faded Pony color. I like that color looks different in certain lighting and angles . More blue violet in dark and in direct light more of the pinky purple.

2337A066-6D40-4785-B198-A9B176EFB845 Like here . I feel like it blended really well and refreshed the color really well . Overall it’s made pretty happy and I can mix this with my current purple shade and get a nice custom color.  As for using it as shampoo , while I’m happy it didn’t make my grown out roots greasy (sometimes this happens when dyes get on them.) I don’t think it’s the greatest as an everyday shampoo. The color will probably build up , and I would rather just use it to refresh my color in between dye jobs. I do think if you used this and wanted to keep a more pastel purple to mix in more conditioner and maybe leave it on for less time.  Also be aware if you have bleached blonde hair , this will probably stain it , so be commited to having bright purple hair. And as a conditioner , it works nicley , as quite a bit of veggie dyes are condtioning anyway, but you still may want to use a bit of conditoner if your hair is pretty long or dry. It’s best quality is the actual color .It’s amazing and lasts for a while as long as you wash with cold water. I’ll probably update this post to show how well it fades too. Let me know what you think and if you have tried any other color depositing shampoos or conditioners.




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6 thoughts on “Punky colour 3-in-1 color depositing shampoo +conditioner in purpledacious review

    1. It works fantastic! I actually went back to the store and bought two more colors . A pink and a blue . I’ll have to review those when I swap my colors after redoing my roots . I definitely recommend the purple.


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