Genshin Impact merchandise haul!


I wanted to share my Genshin Impact merch haul. Everything arrived at different times this month , but now that I have my shirt ,I thought I would show off everything.


At the beginning of the month , my tarot cards arrived . I had to buy two boxes as the first box was only the 22 Major Arcana (Empress , Hermit , ect ). The other box contains 56 Minor Arcana (wands, swords, cups, and pentacles) set . I think that might be because when the first box was made , not all the characters had been released .

7849DAF0-0671-4011-A234-944F9E1267A6The card’s are bit thin but feel like they have a bit of matte laminate over them . Also their all character protraits even the Minor Arcana . I also thought it was pretty cool they added the villains, like Damselette ,one of the Fatui Harbingers. I thought she was pretty cool and picked out some of my other favorites liek Ganyu,Beidou, and Kaeya.I do want to order some sleeves for them though. There’s these really cute holographic card sleeves that people usually use for K-Pop idol cards. 

Next up is the makeup bags. Well these were listed as pencil cases too, but lipsticks and eyeliners fit in here too.

926AB93C-2642-4C67-89CA-E94173CAE13CI have the lipbalm in the pic for scale.

2DFBB83E-EA05-41E3-A0AB-45D56B11438AI initially just wanted the one with Klee and Hu Tao , but I also like the bottom one with the Raiden Shogun, Ganyu and Keqing .


And finally the shirt!

7758A95D-F813-475E-9916-4127483471ECI know I should’ve made a less serious face lol , But it fits pretty good and feels like the athletic style material. It’s breathable though and is actually a crop top , but I’m wearing a high waisted skirt with it. I’ll have to wear it out more . Plus I like the image of Klee is printed on the shirt itself rather than being like a decal. Overall I’m pretty happy with all the things I was able to find , even if it’s unofficial merchandise . Well the Tarot cards might be legit as I think they were selling those on an official site . Well let me know what you think . I was still want that Klee plush that was on the Toreba claw machine website . Well have a great week everyone !

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