Bed head make it last leave in CoNditioner review

*This product was sent out to me for free from Influenster and Bed Head by TIGI in exchange for my honest review.

IMG_2183So this was a pleasant surprise ! Bed Head sent me a box to try , and this was a color protecting spray.I’m always looking out for products to keep my color bright.

IMG_2184The box was actually kind of cool.

IMG_2186And now for the actual bottle :

IMG_2189So I take it this is meant to be used with their color protect shampoo and conditioner.  But for this review I just used it with my regular non silicone shampoo and also I redyed my hair with my punky’s color depositing shampoo. 

IMG_2191Here’s the back for those wondering what the actual ingredients are. Now I’ll admit for a product that is meant to protect , add shine, and condition hair , there’s not a lot of ingredients. And honestly the Marc Anthony Grow strong leave in conditioner is proabably a little better as a leave in conditioner. This one kind of didn’t do anything lol. I mean i didn’t really take alot of pictures of my hair when I started using it, but it just kind of faded normally . IMG_2461Updated pic from Haus Labs review for refrence. Like I think it added a minimal amount of shine, didn’t really keep the color in , or at least no more than what my hair normally fades to, and didn’t really condition that much.It did how ever smell like a cherry Icee . So this is a nice hair perfume ,if anything else. I do still use this , mainly for the scent , and to see if it’ll keep my hair in place (it’s like a gentle styling spray), but it’s probably a product you can skip. While not a terrible product , it’s not very helpful, or really beneficial. And there’s probably better products out there for color protecting . Well I’ll try to use up what I have as it does smell nice. Let me know what you think. Have a nice week.


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2 thoughts on “Bed head make it last leave in CoNditioner review

  1. This was a really helpful review! It’s great that Bed Head sent you a box to try out. I was curious, did you notice any difference in the longevity of your color at all?

    y. e

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    1. Thanks so much for reading . So about the longevity of my hair color , I didn’t really see too much difference with my hair . It faded about the same , I wonder if you would have to use it in conjunction with the color care shampoo and conditioner?


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