blue diamond almond breeze almond milk blended with real bananas review

7AD3DDFA-55E3-4064-B385-86A32F489938So this is more of a mini review , but I found this at my grocery store and was super excited to try it out. I used to love Nestle’s Banana Milk when I was a kid. And sadly they just don’t sell Banana milk in the states anymore. I say in the states as I was able to find a powdered mix once at a like a world snack shop. They had snacks , candy and drinks from all over the world, including seaweed pringles (which were delicious !). Sadly outside of that little snack store , banana milk is pretty scarce. Until now ! Almond breeze makes a pretty good Banana Milk , and it’s made with banana puree. I grabbed two cartons as I’m worried they’ll discontinue it . So how does it taste? Really good , but more like a banana smoothie than the Nesquick Banana milk (it had more of a candy banana taste). And it’s a little thicker than most almond milks, but it would probably be a great base for a smoothie.  Also it probably helps if you like almond milk too. I’m a huge fan I usually buy the vanilla, honey and the chococlate. But it’s the first time seeing a banana variety. I’m pretty excited to try it out with smoothies. let me know what you think and if you remember drinking the Nesquick Banana Milk🍌.


10 thoughts on “blue diamond almond breeze almond milk blended with real bananas review

  1. I blend bananas with oat milk in my blender and it’s so delicious. I’ve tried almond milk and didn’t care for it, especially the Blue Diamond brand. The banana flavored almond milk sounds interesting though!

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    1. Yeah some people don’t really like almond . I used to always get the coconut/almond blend that was pretty good . I think the only milk I’m not too fond of is Cashew. It really over powers everything.

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      1. I have yet to try Cashew milk, but I love cashew nuts. Have you tried macadamia but milk? It’s so good, but expensive so I rarely buy it. I love coconut milk and it’s fairly inexpensive so I buy it sometimes.

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