Iroiro pastel lavender hair dye review

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Hey everyone ! I’ve finally faded my pastel aqua blue , or most of it and wanted to try moving towards purples. I thought the best purple to counteract the blue would be this nice pastel lavender shade. I’ve never tried Iroiro’s pastels , so I was excited to try this. Plus I heard online that it was a similar color to Arctic Fox’s Girl’s Night Out which when mixed with periwinkle makes an amazing purple. I don’t have much luck getting certain Arctix Fox colors to stay in my hair , as Iroiro really seems to stick to my hair better.

It’s alot darker than what the package shows. To me it doesn’t look quite as pink as the videos and photos I’ve seen of Girl’s Night Out, but we’ll see what this looks like on my hair.

3A412FDF-2807-427F-9EE1-C6854E0B57EDAs always these Iroiro dyes smell amazing ! Some and they go on really easy and are very conditioning. Which I desperately need .

Here’s my faded hair now :

It’s almost silver. There’s a bit of a stain of blue but not too bad and the purple probably will cover it. Also my ends were kind of damaged from the Redken acidic bonding concentrate . I’ll have to write another post for that.

Also I re dyed my lime parts with Iroiro Neon green and Iroiro Neon yellow mixed with conditioner. I really wanted the Space Cowgirl green shade. Plus I thought it would contrast well with the lavender.

57D0CE3C-A246-4E43-B507-524DECD3AF6EIt looks pretty interesting. Not quite the pink toned shade that’s on the packaging but still not a bad color.

8923F746-514D-4CA8-A123-1782B917D271 Packaging for reference.

3AE3239D-6EE7-4F62-A867-C80B2CF3094CAnd here’s a close up of how it looks on my hair. parts of my hair look a bit  silvery .

I left this dye on for about 2 hours and then rinsed in cold water.

7FFB26AE-55DA-4FB4-88B4-AD6696C22009Here’s the results ! It’s abit more a violet shade , but maybe it’s more of a darker lavender. I bet it does fade to be more pastel though. It looked like it covered all my steel light blue too.

1DAB830A-0FD8-437A-95FE-DE3F472979B5Here in the light it does have more of a pink tone to it though. Overall I really like this shade! It’s super pretty and the dye has made my hair alot softer as well.

9FAC7B33-5213-445C-9933-8674D10ED61BI really like this shade ! It’s almost silvery in certain places. I imagine you would get a more true to lavender shade if your base is platinum blonde or lighter. I do think this color might be harder to see on darker blonde bases though, as some pastel shades can be very finicky.  Also it reminds me a bit of One n Only’s pastel lilac. That shade I think was abit more pink based than this. Maybe next time I can mix both . Well have a great day and let me know what you think. Have you ever tried any pastel shades before ?

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3 thoughts on “Iroiro pastel lavender hair dye review

    1. Thanks ! It’s a super nice color and it’s been staying in my hair pretty well with minimal fading. I do take cold showers and wear a shower cap to kind of help color stay in .


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