Mighty Dinosaur Brachiosaurus, Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

IMG_6198Hey everyone ! i thought I would mix things up and post a dog toy review. It’s pretty tough finding good strong plush toys for Roxas. he’s not super rough on toys but his teeth are really sharp. Plus he loves throwing things around and shaking them. I decied to try out the Mighty Brachiosaurus to see if Roxas would like . I usually buy him the GO dog plushies as they are also reinforced plushies, but I still have to keep sewing them up . He somehow manges to get a hole . But this toy is pretty big and looks to be heavy duty.

IMG_6191Here’s the back

IMG_6200He’s pretty cute !

And now let’s give him to Roxas.

He does some light chewing , for him it seems a bit more extreme though. And sadly there was a few tiny holes.


Well this does look like I can fix it with my sewing kit , but still sad that it has a hole . Most of the time when I give him this toy it’s to play fetch , but I do try and supervise his time with toys so he doesn’t get stuffing out to eat it. Plus I feel like its always good to watch your animals with toys too.

IMG_6214Overall it actually pretty well made and would be probably be a good fit for older dogs or dogs that have a softer bite ( maybe a retriever) , but because my guy has such big teeth , he put a few holes in the dino. Oh and yes there is a squeaker, Roxas somehow hasn’t broken it yet , it’s kind of hard for me to squeak to be honest. Well let me know what you think and have a great week!


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