rebuy post: everything I loved so much I bought it again

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Hey everyone ! Today I wanted to post some things that I really liked. So much so I ordered them again. 

The first on the list is the Nyx That’s The Point Super Edgy Artistry Liner . You can check out the full review here .

AB694A0B-4F29-425C-8AFC-3E2029D039F7 I love this slanted marker style liner. It’s great for bold looks and or even a quick liner out the door.I definitely reccomend this liner, it’s amazing and very pigmented too.

And here’s one of my favorite EOS balms too:

92D4DF4B-D5B3-42C2-A04E-D9363D84EE05This pack is awesome ! I love the scent and taste plus it keeps my lips moisturized. I was considering trying a new flavor but I really like the rainbow sherbet. You can read the full review here.

And finally my favorite kohl liner :

01DA357D-4ECC-49B4-90D7-A30043412C18The Rimmel Scandal eyes gel liner in black. This liner is easy to use , and goes on super dark. It’s great for water line, but today I used it as my wing liner too. I have the full review here.

And here’s the eye look I created today ! I wanted to go colorful as my hair has super faded. I’ll post the new color soon.

B642450F-E59B-4E5D-B614-006B8AA65058 Pretty much all Juvia’s Place palettes mixed , I meant to use a brighter green shimmer but really wanted to use The Douce palette. Other palettes used were Sweet Pink Palette , The Warrior III and Culture palette . 

Well that’s all for now ! Have a great week everyone !

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