Arctic fox Space coWgirl hair dye review

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1AAD95A0-2A39-47D6-BFDF-CE7EA2E2D73C Hey everyone ! I’m super excited , as I’ve been waiting to try this new Arctic Fox Space Cowgirl dye! I ordered it about a week ago and decided to redo my roots too. I did a quick bleach to lighten my roots to a yellowish blonde( about level 9) and the rest of my roots were platinum. Now I did do a small test to see if green would cover the more yellow parts. I bleached my hair before the dye came and used a dab of Iroiro Neon green to test those parts of my hair.

11369668-9EF8-4660-ABCD-02E861A5AAC0 That is the Iroiro on my roots. or at least a bit. Also cow eyes from last Monday’s post!

A2AA78CA-64FC-4E48-8D27-7377D6352C1E Better view of the blonde. Usually for greens I try to leave a bit of yellow to the roots so the green is extra green. The blue I wasn’t too worried about, as I thought it would maybe be a darker green .

So let’s check out the Space Cowgirl lime green.

A6FD6287-11F9-448B-8241-C7F73A8EC947 Ooh I love this slime color ! It’s very Nickelodeon ! It’s perfection !  Also the dye has a bit of candylike scent to it which is nice.

Now let’s check how it covered my hair.

If you follow my instagram you may have seen some pics where I’m just setting with the dye on my head. I went like this for almost seven hours. As with most veggie based dyes , the longer these set on your head you usually the more intense the color and longevity.

Of course I did have a few issues, the back part of my head wasn’t exactly as light as the top or front. So I had to go back over the back with Iroiro Neon Green. Iroiro’s neon green is a bit more forgiving with blonde and level 9 hair .  But the front looked great. Plus I added a new neon coral pink. That review will be for next time.

And finally results!

FF4F858F-7005-4D73-997A-380FF9186352Here’s the side , my roots look a bit more yellow

6532B08D-5586-4B94-91FC-96E368A66DB0 The back with the Iroiro neon green. It’s not the best pic.

095ADE78-5BE2-496A-B82C-81C32962D18F And finally the front!

So there are still parts of my hair that it didn’t cover up that well. mainly the back and parts under the lighter blonde hair. These I either went back over with Iroiro Neon green (diluted a bit with conditioner) or just left alone since you really can’t see ,since there’s more hair layered over those spots.

This green has very bright yellow undertones, which look fantastic over white platinum blonde hair, but can look a bit sludgy over darker blonde shades. Also I have really tried to baby my hair due to the bleaching, and also the fact that this color is very light. I have only conditioned and rinsed in cold water for almost 2 weeks.

The green has lightened up a bit, as you can see in this picture which I used for my Nyx reviews .

701B84BB-3C19-4746-AB8A-F7C9F02687CAIt’s not a huge difference , but it does look a bit lighter than the freshly dyed pictures. Also for those curious , yes this dye is UV reactive, just not as bright shining as Iroiro Neon green. It had to pretty much shine the black light near my face to get the glow just right.

You can even see some of the yellow tones.





DB2C80EB-E7CF-4BE1-8CC9-010E0FF58168Super glowy in this pic.

Overall I have mixed feeling about this dye, depending one exactly how long it sticks in my hair , I may not repurchase, but I absolutely love the beautiful yellow lime green shade. It’s very unique and I’m willing to try either mixing a neon yellow with the Iroiro green that I have or trying out Lime crime’s new green shade know as Lime Crime. Honestly it’s been years so they really needed a lime shade to reflect their name. Let me know what you think of this shade , plus I’ll have separate review to talk about Electric Paradise which is the pink coral shade. See you then !


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4 thoughts on “Arctic fox Space coWgirl hair dye review

  1. I’m glad I came across this review. When I went green I went with Iroiro and absolutely loved it. I wash my hair with cold water and it hardly bleeds. Hot Topic has a 4 oz of Arctic Fox for $8.75 today only but maybe I’ll pass. Regardless it looks great. Finally an article that’s actually helpful to me. Thank you.

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    1. Glad I could help ! Green is such a fun color . If you want a shade closer to Space Cowgirl , add a little bit of iroiro neon yellow . It makes a wonderful bright spacey green . Thanks for reading 💚


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