One n Only Perfect Intensity in Pastel Lilac

IMG_1385 (2).JPGFor years I’ve dyed my hair many variations of blues, turqouises , purples , pinks, and silver . I’ve found a few brands that work great and a few that just rinsed out as I showered . So I was pleasently surpised to find another brand  that I could add to my list of dyes that work well and lasts . The pastel line of One n Only is one of my favorite , I tried the pastel aqua, bubblegum pink and now finally the lilac . The pastel aqua actually came out super dark on my hair and faded to a beautiful aqua blue , but there is still remnants stained in my hair . Which isn’t too big of deal since I went literally months without having to redye my hair .

It looks sparkly purple

So on to the  review . One n Only dyes come in a metal squeeze tube. I do wish that they used a tub instead since it can be slightly hard to squeeze all the dye out . The consistency is a slightly runnier dye , but you can still use a tint brush to load up color . I always use gloves since it does tend to stain my fingers , not quite as bad as say Arctic Fox or Punky dye though . Now the smell is a bit strange , but castor oil and argon oil are added so this may be the cause . Its nothing as bad as say box dye smell or even Wella Color Charm’s harsh scent , but it’s definitely there. With this dye I don’t usually mix with white conditioner since it tends to make it runnier and the lilac is pastel . I want the color to set in as long, usually about 3 or 4 hours to really get that staying power. Pastel Lilac does look darker when its first applied and even rinsed out . But the color usually fades to nice silvery lilac after a few washes .

Car selfie wearing Fenty Mattemoiselle in Ya Dig

In certain lighting my hair is a but more a pink based lilac purple and I have a few strands of grey/silver . Overall I’m really happy with how it came out . I’ll post more pics when it fades a bit . My previous experience with this dye is that it faded completely in about a month in a half to a silver. So I’ll see how long it lasts this time .


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