Revlon nail polish review


Hey everyone !! Time for a nail polish review ! I wore this shade twice so far but thought I could write an accurate review with the second wear . Also I changed my hair up so I thought it was a good idea to change up the nails too !!


Excuse the slight yellow tint ! That was due to a new hair dye I’m trying out . But I do love this color , it’s very similar to an old Street Wear shade I used to have as a kid. It reflects nicely and stays for the most part for about a week and half . I do notice some chips here and there at least on my previous wear test , but nothing too bad . Also the nail polish peels more than really chips . I wonder if that’s due to the gel formula . Overall I love the color and finish , and it’s not a bad price either online .

AF5FA071-7E93-4E5E-AA63-2B1EBDB3A8C4Let me know what you think and if you have any other brands to reccomend 🙂 Have a nice week everyone !


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