more genshin adventures on Golden Apple Archepalego

Genshin Impact 7_30_2022 12_07_01 AMSo I meant to have this pos up earlier but got pretty busy and then the event ended . But not before I could most of the story, well actually I finished the main Apple Archepalego story! Just not some of the side stories , like the one where you help the maybe bad guy Fatui out? Yup sometimes you have to save the villains even . 

Genshin Impact 8_22_2022 11_41_35 PM (2)He’s a pretty big guy

Genshin Impact 8_22_2022 11_57_27 PMAnd him too as well , But I thought the story line was pretty cute , these guys who you fight all the time are actually a family and they got caught up in some wierd experiment. You have to help the locate important items such as a family picture , an isignia ect. 

Genshin Impact 8_22_2022 11_51_26 PM But what other cool stuff happened in the event? 

Well Xinyan’s story included talking flowers and an island that turned into a giant instrument .

Genshin Impact 7_25_2022 10_21_18 PM (2)

Genshin Impact 7_24_2022 9_13_30 PM

Genshin Impact 7_25_2022 10_48_43 PMPlus we got to se her with her hair down !

And Fischl’s was probably my favorite, her island and world was bit like a Disney castle mixed with Anor Lando from Dark Souls !

Genshin Impact 7_30_2022 2_16_30 AM

Genshin Impact 7_30_2022 10_25_03 PMThe castle actually moved around too with the puzzles.

Genshin Impact 7_30_2022 12_07_13 AMThe Raven site was bit wonky sometimes but way easier than Mona’s star puzzles.

Genshin Impact 7_30_2022 1_44_39 AM (2)Plus talking to the stone ravens was pretty funny. I really liked these guys . I thought they were pretty cute.

Genshin Impact 7_30_2022 1_46_42 AM (2)

Genshin Impact 7_30_2022 9_21_47 PM (2)And finally Mona’s star domain and quest. This one took me a lot longer and I really should’ve taken some pictures of the puzzles but they were a bit complicated and I just wanted to get through them. I did however recieve my new Fischl outfit though.

Genshin Impact 7_30_2022 10_09_22 PM (2)

Some Mona highlights

Genshin Impact 8_8_2022 11_48_57 PM

Genshin Impact 8_9_2022 10_42_05 PMPuzzle time !

Genshin Impact 8_9_2022 12_51_11 AM

Genshin Impact 7_30_2022 12_02_42 AMWait this was from Fischl’s story and yes there really was a narrator.

But I think one of my favorite side missions was the one where you help your friend the talking boat.

Genshin Impact 7_19_2022 10_21_58 PM (2) Which you find out has the spirit of a pirate ship . As goofy as this story is , it kind of takes a bit of sad turn after you help the Fatui turn off their wierd machine you can no longer hear your boat friend.

Genshin Impact 8_19_2022 9_56_49 PMBut he does gift you a small replica of his former pirate ship self , but still I would’ve liked to have a talking boat lol. Poor Miitoboru.

Genshin Impact 8_12_2022 12_13_34 AM Overall I had a lot of fun with the story and puzzles in the Golden Apple event , I’m a bit sad that the islands are now gone but that gives me time to work on other quests.. The new region of Sumeru is out and I would love to check that out. I’ll probably do a few more Genshin posts and maybe even a review as I really love this game. I think it’s got a great mix of storytelling, puzzles, beautiful scenery and nice character designs. Let me know in the comments what you think and if you’ve tried out Genshin Impact . Have a great week everyone !

Genshin Impact 7_30_2022 11_26_54 PM (2)

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