Too Faced Melted Matte-Talic Liquified Magic Metallic Matte Transformer

So here’s lip topper that I’ve been meaning to review . I originally got this for my birthday in April and have worn it by itself and on top of a few of my other matte lipsticks . I really like how shimmery this shade is . It looks slightly lilac/pink but with some blue glitter. Almost like an Abolone Shell. For this review I would like to show what it looks like by itself as well as on a few of my lipsticks .

IMG_1213 (2)
Even the box is holographic

IMG_2193 (2).JPG



So when I first wore this was actually by itself , and this is honestly one of my favorite ways to wear it . I usually apply a bit of clear lip ball to prep my lips . The formula isn’t too drying but with summer heat I like to have my lips hydrated when wearing liquid lipsticks . As you can see this is super shiny and has an almost holographic look on the lips depending on lighting . Even in shade you can kind still kind of see the shimmer . This formula dries down fairly quick and stays on for about 5 or 6 hours if you don’t eat anything too oily.  The applicator is doe foot style that you can spread on the color. Although I like to press it on my fingers when wearing over another matte lipstick first . That keeps my applicator from picking up color from softer matte lipsticks.

IMG_2158 (2)

IMG_2161 (2)

And now for now I will show how it looks like over some of the other matte lipsticks in my collection.

First I tried the Maybelline Superstay Ink in Philospher , I made sure that Philosopher was dry before I dabbed on the lip topper.

IMG_2149 (2)

And now my personal favorite look , I used Maybelline’s Color Sensational Sapphire Siren. Overall I’ve always had problems with this lipstick being kind of streaky, so I don’t wear it too often but I love the look of the Matte-Talic topper over it . Its sort of like Galaxy Lips.Also this look is slightly messy so I really had to have the tissues next to me .

IMG_2168 (2).JPG
it was bit patchy on the edge .


And finally over Maybelline Powder Matte in Smokey Jade . This is another lipstick that used to annoy me with streakiness. But with the lip transformer I can create a nice enchanted forest look . Also pretty messy to dab on , but very fun look .

IMG_2183 (2).JPG

Well I think this has been one of my favorite lip toppers since Unicorn Tears . I love how glittery and holographic this is . I have yet to try any other colors from the Melted Matte-Talic collection , but this is probably the color I would recommend the most . I love products like this that spice up my lipstick collection



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