Nyx Cosmetics Epic Ink Liner review

After ordering a few things for the house , I added the Nyx Epic Ink Liner into my cart . I had always liked other Nyx felt liners like the Put A Wing on it liner which was my favorite . My last one’s tip broke off and went down the sink . I was pretty sad about it . But it gave me the chance to try out the thinner and much talked about Epic Ink liner that I’ve heard so much about .IMG_2073 (2).JPG

IMG_2075 (2).JPG

I noticed that the little tip for this liner is super thin but sturdy , and the ink for this product is very dark and spreads easily over my lids. No matter how much eyeshadow, primer, glitter or concealer I have on . A few shades of my metallic shadows I had to do another swipe. But it wasn’t like the Stila liner I had which absolutely refused to go over metallic or glitter shades . As for the lasting power , this liner goes on all day .Which is great if you have work or errands and don’t want to redo you liner . Haven’t really tested if its waterproof since I usually just use coconut oil to remove my eyemakeup .But when my eyes watered it didn’t smudge. Although I did have some problems getting it to stay in the waterline but that may just be the type of eyeliner this is . For my waterline I used the Covergirl Perfect Point eyeliner.

IMG_2049 (2).JPG

Overall I can see this eyeliner being a staple in my makeup bag . It stays all day , doesn’t smudge and gives very sharp, precise wings. And for the price of $6 (although  some store prices may vary) its a great deal for a liner that competes with Stila, Urban Decay and Kat Von D.


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