Haus laboratories glam attack liquid eyeshadow in legend review

IMG_2360Hey everyone ! I’ve been meaning to post my second Haus Labs eyeshadow . I was considering pairing it with Dynasty ( the green).  But instead I wanted to show how this shadow can work with other traditional powder shadows . 

IMG_2368I do think this is one of the coolest looking tubes of eyeshadow ! Plus the gold has a nice molten look to it. It’s very similar to the gold lipstick I reviewed not too long ago. 

The consistency is about the same as Dynasty , maybe a little less patchy.

IMG_2370Here’s the little brush.

IMG_2369And the swatch ! It’s a really cool molten gold ! Like I don’t really have a gold like this in my eyeshadow collection. I I do have quite a bit of gold shades in different finishes. 


IMG_2635For this review I decided to do a smokey halo look . I used numerous palettes including my Urban Decay Stoned Vibes mattes , Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons, Juvia’s Place Wahala mattes and one gold shade for the bottom of my eyes . The liquid gold I felt might be too messy too put on my lower lids. But On top is where it really shines and stands out. It reflects light really well. And while I did have some trouble layering the darker smokey shades on top of the gold to blend , I felt it still looked nice.

IMG_2640This side I felt was a bit messier or not as symetrical as the other . But I still love this gold shade.

It also dries down pretty fast too .

IMG_2647 IMG_2678Also I had to mix some shades for my lipstick to get a color I was happy with. I wanted a purple mauve shade .So I mixed Nyx Powder puff lip in Drama with Too Faced Melted chocolate chihuhua .

IMG_2710Overall I really like the Glam Attack shadows from Haus Laboratories , I think they’re great for mixing with my other shadows. The colors are really intense and dry down, but don’t irritate my eyes . I’m definitely want to pick up some other shades . Let me know what you think and have a great week. 

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