Muscle Milk Pro series protein powder in Slammin’ strawberry review

So in my quest to find a nice tasting and relatively healthy protein powder , well actually it was my fiance’s quest, we both decided this is the best !

IMG_2175Behold the King of Protein powders ! This actually tastes good ! Like ice cream good ! And it’s pretty good for you to after workouts.


IMG_2171It has a pretty nice powder consistency that you do need to keep shaking or stirring depending on how you drink your after workout shakes. And it smells divine ! Like strawberry ice cream ! 

IMG_2172I wanted to show off the bottle for nutrition facts and how much protien you actually get in here.

IMG_2169Plus it has quite a bit of B vitamins as well. I actually drink this sometimes when I’m on my period , it helps with cramps and the fact that I often forget to eat . But it’s super refreshing after a workout or long walk. I’ve been trying to keep up my work out regime , usually hulu hooping, sit ups and doing squats. Fun fact you can do squats while playing Genshin Impact. So gaming and exercise . 

IMG_2170So yeah I would definitely reccomend this protein powder , it tastes great, isn’t super chunky, mixes well and has a really good amount of vitamins and minerals. This way better than the Ghost powder. Also this is our second tub of powder . It’s just that good. Let me know what you think and if you have any good reccomendations for protein powders or other cool stuff. I do still need to review my hemp seed powder too.

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